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[News] Free Software Has More Opportunities

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Opening the Door to Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| Open source software, which is written with source code that is widely 
| available with little or no proprietary copyrights, is now entering contact 
| centers and for several good reasons. These chief ones include lower (up to 
| 40 percent) pricepoints, ease of customization, many new solutions, and the 
| coming of age of these applications to endure demanding communications 
| environments.     
| Open source delivers these benefits because there are no licensing costs as 
| there is with proprietary software and it has spawned a large and growing 
| community of developers who believe in the concept. Open, though, does not 
| necessarily mean ‘free’. While there is open-source-written freeware 
| available directly via the Web, most applications that can meet the demanding 
| needs of contact centers are packaged, hosted/delivered and supported by 
| suppliers for fees. Those vendors typically offer a mix of core paid and free  
| features.      



Trade sharing start-up sings open source praises

,----[ Quote ]
| Perry Blacher, founder of Covestor said: "As a start-up we need to innovate
| rapidly. Open Source software allows us to do that, both from a cost and
| speed point of view. We can integrate, configure and build on top of our Open
| Source software stack freely to meet our changing needs. "


Intelestream Reveals Rise in Open Source Caused by Economy Slump

,----[ Quote ]
| Intelestream, a business process automation consulting firm, has revealed
| that it is seeing more and more clients tap into open source for lower IT
| budgets and more personalized solutions.


Economic Woes Result in More Companies Turning to Open Source Alternatives


Red Hat Exchange Doubles Quarterly Bookings, Boosts Zimbra and MySQL

,----[ Quote ]
| The VAR Guy thought Red Hat Exchange — an online store the software company
| launched last year — would be an overnight hit. It wasn’t. But after some
| tinkering, Red Hat Exchange (RHX) seems to be taking off — and giving
| partners like MySQL and Zimbra a lift as well. In fact, the site’s bookings
| doubled in Red Hat’s most recent quarter, The VAR Guy has learned. Here’s how
| Red Hat got RHX on track.


Open sauce Alfresco has its best ever quarter

,----[ Quote ]
| ALFRESCO SOFTWARE announced its strongest ever quarterly financial results
| today, reporting that customer interest has increased during the global
| economic downturn as organisations turn to more cost effective and scalable
| open source software products.


Zenoss Announces Record Quarterly Customer Growth amid Struggling Economy

,----[ Quote ]
| Commercial open source IT management firm grows 85 percent quarter over
| quarter


Compiere Closes Third Quarter with Continued Global Expansion and 195 Percent

,----[ Quote ]
| Compiere, Inc., the global leader in open source business solutions, this
| week closed a strong third quarter during which the company reports a 195
| percent revenue growth for Q3 2008 compared to Q3 2007, as well as a 59
| percent growth in subscribers. In addition, the company continued its global
| expansion by adding partners in North America, Europe, Middle East and
| Africa, and Asia Pacific regions.


Red Hat: Crisis to boost open source

,----[ Quote ]
| The global economic crisis would provide a boost for open source software,
| Red Hat chief executive Jim Whitehurst claimed during a visit to Sydney this
| week.
| Whitehurst, who stopped over down under as part of a tour of the Asia-Pacific
| region, said in an interview with ZDNet Asia's sister site ZDNet Australia
| that the crisis would cause companies to consolidate their technology
| infrastructure and reduce spending.


No Recession at Red Hat

,----[ Quote ]
| It is flattering to be mentioned, Mr. Whitehurst said, but he noted that
| corporate customers and the industry benefit from what he called Red
| Hat’s “Switzerland status” — not being a province of one of the major powers
| in the technology industry.

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