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[News] Arch GNU/Linux and Derivatives Gain Happy Users

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Another new Arch user

,----[ Quote ]
| I had the idea of using Arch for some time now and with the pain of first 
| configuring it gone thanks to the Chakra project I went for it. 
| So far I've had some minor issues which I've been able to tackle. And besides 
| that I have to customize it to use the packages I use I'm a very happy new 
| user. It's fast and it's nearly vanilla KDE, so what else can you ask for? 
| =D.   


Chakra: my new distro of choice.

,----[ Quote ]
| And then, two days ago I suddenly came across Chakra. It’s basically Arch 
| linux + kdemod, but then with a live cd and quick and easy installer. And 
| it’s amazing. It absolutely FLIES. On avage it consumes about 150-250 MB less 
| memory then my kubuntu installation (?!). Everything works very well out of 
| the box. The kde packaging is very well done. The live cd environment is one 
| of the most response i’ve ever encountered (and uses only 256 MB RAM). It has 
| rolling releases, so it’s easy to always run the bleeding edge. And it’s 
| package manager pacman is really fast and easy to use.       



Trying Arch

,----[ Quote ]
| [I]t all works in Arch. NVidia drivers and Twinview settings were copy/pasted
| from Gentoo, and compositing all works fine. No performance problems in KDE
| with resizing or dragging windows, no Plasma crashes (yet), no missing icons
| or invisible notification area. QtCurve works in Qt3, Qt4 and GTK just fine.
| My sound card worked without any manual configuration at all. My mouse worked
| without tweaking, including the thumb buttons. Same with networking, the
| install prompted me for my IP and gateway etc. and then it worked, no effort.


Arch Linux Review

,----[ Quote ]
| Arch Linux is a rolling release distribution, meaning there is no specific
| dates for new releases, it is continously developing, it is almost always at
| the bleeding edge, with the most updated versions of packages.
| This means you only have to install once, and then just keep updating arch,
| and you will always have the most "recent release", this is one of the
| aspects I like the most about Arch Linux
| [...]
| Arch Linux is a great distro, it has almost always the latest package
| versions available, it is optimized to run on modern computers, and is a
| great option for the Desktop user, it may requiere a little of work to make
| it work, but do not be afraid it is actually easy to make it, you just need
| some time.


Linux Review 11: Arch Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| After 11 successful looks at Linux, I think I may have found my favorite...
| Arch Linux is a Linux distribution striving to Keep it simple. My opinions on
| this? Its great. Arch is lightweight and you can do anything in relation to
| Desktop Managers and configuration. I installed it on my Eee PC 904HA, and
| had similar results to Fedora. Sound from the headphone output is full of
| static, but I think that might be a hardware problem. Wireless basically
| worked out of box. Even with the core install, essentials to a laptop
| configuration were working. I went from there, installing and configuring
| X.org, GDM, Gnome, XFCE, and getting programs like Firefox, Pidgin, and
| OpenOffice.org. What I got out of doing this all by hand was a fast, slim
| system with only the essentials.
| [...]
| Arch is a nice Linux distribution. It is lightweight and fast. It works
| great, once you have it configured properly. It gives you flexibility. You
| only download things you need. I have to say, with all of these things
| together in one distribution, it is my favorite. I have to give it a 5/5. I
| think this will be my distribution of choice for a while. Until something
| similar to arch comes along with a better mixture of performance and
| features, Arch will be my favorite. For now, I will stop distribution hopping
| and stay with Arch.

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