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[News] The Murdoch Camp Attacks Google Using Copyrights

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Murdoch Wants A Google Rebellion

,----[ Quote ]
| The media mogul says Google is stealing from publishers. It could be the call 
| to arms that newsrooms need. 


Can We Please End The Myth That Anyone Is Trying To Take Away 'The Right Of
Musicians To Get Paid'?

,----[ Quote ]
| But what it doesn't discuss is why do we need such licensing schemes at all? 
| Why not just let musicians come up with the various business models that 
| work. No one's trying to take away their "right to get paid." We just think 
| that -- like everyone else -- they should earn it not by some sort of 
| welfare/tax/licensing program, but through making use of business models 
| where open and willing transactions are made.     



Who's Messing With the Google Book Settlement? Hint: They're in Redmond,

,----[ Quote ]
| The only obstacle remaining for the settlement to take effect is final court
| approval. Given a case of this scope, it's not too surprising that a number
| of interested parties might lodge objections or ask for changes. Nor is it
| terribly surprising that at least one party nudging its way into the
| settlement is an internet-issues-oriented group from New York Law School.
| But what does raise an eyebrow is the source of New York Law's funding on
| this matter: Microsoft.
| [...]
| And, oh, by the way, he also discloses that the efforts of "the second oldest
| independent law school in the United States" is funded in part by Google's
| main competitor, Microsoft.
| The chief investigator of the New York Law School project is James
| Grimmelmann. In an earlier career phase, associate law professor Grimmelmann
| worked as a programmer for Microsoft.


Is Microsoft Guilty of Bogus* Polling? Yes.

,----[ Quote ]
| That is classic push polling. If you want people to respond one way, ask them
| leading questions or feed them information that represents just one side in
| the debate. And it worked here: after hearing the statement about Barnett
| respondents (who, again, were not very familiar with the deal) claimed, by a
| score of 80-20 that government regulators did the right thing.

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