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Re: [News] Microsoft is Losing Control of Sub-notebooks (Despite Dumping)

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

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> Microsoft losing control of netbooks
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | The Wall Street Journal has reported how HP and other PC OEMs are
> | currently exploring their options for Android-based netbooks.
> `----
> http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/644/1051644

If past experience is anything to go by, then micoshaft bum boyees
will have been instructed to put up photographs of every Linux supporting
CEO of HP, Del and other OEMs that Balmer and the marketing department
has decide should be hated and write down under each hated
CEO and marketing chief what they have said. And then the
micoshaftees will spit on those images and work themselves into a lather and
make all that hate turn real on behalf of micoshaft
as the bum boyees start by writing fake enquiries for products pretending
to be customers (like the way they fooled Ron Hooooosepian at Novel) 
who then believe the fake constituents to whip up a materially false and
fraudulent manufacturing of stock; only to find that it can't be sold
because micoshaft's asstroturfing once again escaped regulatory oversight
and they must pick up the pieces.

What happens to teachers who cross Micoshaft?

To cross the line with micoshaft, install Linux and be done with.

Don't be afraid! It is as simple as that!!!
That is how you cross the line with micoshaft.

This is what happens when you install Linux.

1. First, your micoshaft rep will turn up to work you over
and will know you have installed Linux.

2. His technology evangelism course has taught him to mark you down
so you will see him furiously writing notes. Hopefully with notepad.exe.
But who cares?

3. He will then plaster your name, your photo and all the things you said on
all the walls of micoshaft like his good little unethical
technology evangelism course has taught him at micoshaft so that 
other true micoshaft bum boyees can spit at your image.

The moment your boss/leader sticks up a poster of a person
and point at that picture as your enemy and object of hate, and follow it
up with words of derision, and rant on through frequent meetings and finger
pointing, your company has embraced unethical technology evangelism.

The resources of the company are no longer interested in making
product. It is now more interested in smashing people's faces in
for profit and roping in as many retards as it can find
to join the unethical technology evangelists.

4. The truly enraged bum boyees of micoshaft who have no life
of their own will start murmering and grinding their teeth
so that their beloved Pappy, Balmer can become rich.

5. These photos and all the things you said are repeated again and again
in meetings until the micoshaft bum boyees are energetically whipped up into
rage in an anti-trust breaking way.

6. Now the foaming micoshaft bum boyees are truly ready to do ANYTHING 
including break the law and attack total strangers because their company
told them to do it.

7. The fact that these bum boyees are total fsckwits and what they
do in the name of micoshaft agaist other innocent people will not have
sank into them just yet - that will take several years for the guilt
concience to catch up.

[Aside: Installing Ubuntu and compiz like the stuff you can see in
 www.youtube.com with 3D rotating translucent desktop may help some of the
 enraged micoshaft bum boyees to see the accomplishments of the other side
 and may help them calm down and turn human at this point and refuse to
 fight an opponent who is a better soul - but no guarantees!]

8. So now the enraged bum boyees will go about trying to satisfy their rage
by doing the following:

a) Call up your school and the board of directors and offer to invest
    but walk away at the last minute in a monopoly anti-trust way.

b) Call up your school and the board of directors
   and offer to invest again but this time point at
   the your Linux machine and insist that that computer is removed along
   with you the Linux teacher that installed it in a
   monopoly anti-trust way.

c) Threaten the school and the board of directors with audits
   and loss of rebates and discounts and then bar them from sales
   meetings in a monopoly anti-trust way.

d) Threaten the schools techies and support staff
   with no admission to training programmes
   in a monopopy anti-trust way.

All because one teacher has installed Linux in your school
and attacked Micoshaft Directly.

How do you defend against unethical technology evangelism?

Good question.

Change employment law and send in the inspectors to make sure
management standards do not sink to the levels of
unethical technology evangelism practiced like those
described in PLEX_2456.pdf & PX9280.pdf http://www.iowa.gotthefacts.org

Have regular meetings of staff with government inspectors
to make ensure whistle blowers are heard and unethical
technology evangelism sufferers are protected from further abuse
by management.

How does a school that is a victim of unethical technology
evangelism protect itself? 

Good question.

Be sure to come back for an answer later.

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