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[News] A Glimpse at Corrupt politics of Intellectual Monopolies

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Users rights MEPs chair EU anti-piracy conference 

,----[ Quote ]
| One could reasonably ask  why four members of the European Parliament's 
| committee which is putting through such an important piece of legislation 
| which affects users Internet rights, and which should be giving full 
| consideration to the users' views, agreed to chair presentations at a 
| conference which is geared towards measures that will erode users rights ?    


Trautmann deal wraps up Internet limitations 

,----[ Quote ]
| Limitations are being written in, and any hints of users rights in respect of 
| the Internet  are struck out, as the Council moves to close the deal with the 
| European Parliament.   


User-Generated Content: Microsoft vs. Google

,----[ Quote ]
| Now, I'm not naïve enough to believe that José Manuel Barroso will personally 
| ponder my ideas on this issue, but I hope that someone, somewhere, in the 
| European Commission will at least note their existence when offering a 
| summary of the views expressed. In other words, I do think it's worth giving 
| your two ha'p'orth on this matter, if only to counterbalance other views.    
| Talking of which, it's fascinating to compare and contrast what two giants of 
| the computing world, Microsoft and Google, have to say on the subject in 
| their submissions.  
| As you might expect, Microsoft loves copyright, and wants everything to be 
| done to keep it as it is, nice and strong, with no silly exceptions that 
| might let people do anything so subversive as taking content and using it to 
| create something new.    



MPAA Matches RIAA In Massive Layoffs

,----[ Quote ]
| I missed this one when it initially happened, but it looks like the MPAA is
| following in the footsteps of the RIAA -- who recently laid off a bunch of
| folks. Apparently the MPAA quickly followed suit and drastically scaled back
| after the studios cut the MPAA's funding by about 15 to 20%.

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