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[News] A Look at BSD Distributions and Some Wallpapers

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5 Best BSD Distributions

,----[ Quote ]
| As some of you may know, Linux is not the only Unix-like operating system 
| available. There are other UNIX derivatives, and one of the most popular 
| among them is called BSD. If you have been to Distrowatch, you will see 
| different BSD distributions listed in there.   
| I have said before that I'm interested in trying BSD distros, but until now I 
| still can't find the time to actually do it. I just did some research about 
| several BSD distributions and read a couple of reviews so if I have the time 
| to finally take the plunge, I'll be prepared.   


25 Cool and Geeky BSD Wallpapers



Love and UNIX: An Undying Affection

,----[ Quote ]
| On the other hand, an operating system is a reflection of the values,
| personality, and ultimately, the psyche of the designer. And if I'm going to
| have to settle for a reflection, is it too much to ask it be a nice, warm,
| sympathetic psyche in the glass? One that will enjoy walks on the beach and
| dinners by candlelight as much as I do? Is it wrong to want more out of a
| relationship in which so much of my time is spent? Isn't it okay to want to
| feel just a little more fulfilled? I have so much to give... Must I throw my
| love away?


A quick review of PC-BSD 7.0

,----[ Quote ]
| Anyway, this is wandering away from PC-BSD and into KDE 4.1.3 review
| territory, because it comes down to this: PC-BSD delivers a KDE4 experience
| very close to what the KDE project itself produces as source. It's nice. I
| like it that way.

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