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[News] [Rival] Microsoft Buying Novell Close Enough to Truth

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If Microsoft bought Novell, it wouldn't come as a surprise 

,----[ Quote ]
| The idea that Microsoft would buy Novell isn't exactly that far-fetched. 
| Events on April 1 have proved this. 
| A spoof run by iTWire, written by Linux expert David M. Williams, and 
| headlined "Linux beware: Microsoft acquires Novell, become UNIX copyright 
| owner", was sufficient to cause a few people to call Novell in the US and 
| inquire if there was some truth to the story.   
| Novell PR chief Ian Bruce phoned iTWire and asked that the story be 
| retracted. iTWire editor Stan Beer had to add a paragraph to the story to 
| state emphatically that it was an April Fool's joke.  
| [...]
| He replied: "I wasn't angry. Unfortunately, your story was so well done as a 
| spoof it got picked up in the US and we actually had a couple of calls. 
| Amazing, I know. The headline did it, I think. Sorry for the alarm."  
| That people took such a story seriously tells us more about Novell, Microsoft 
| and the public impression that the infamous patent contract has created, than 
| any of the articles that have been written analysing, criticising or praising 
| the deal.   



National “non-free” Software Conference @ CUSAT

,----[ Quote ]
| A free software activist and former student at CUSAT, Anivar Aravind was
| manhandled today (16/11/2008) by the “National free software conference
| organizers” @ CUSAT with assistance from the states police forces, for his
| peaceful protest against the “Novell Sponsorship”. The free software
| conference is backed by CPI(M), the ruling left party in Kerala.
| [...]
| Q2. What is the problem with NOVELL?
| Novell doesn’t respect the free software philosophy and works against the
| interest of the community. In short we are against Novell because of the
| following.
|    1. Novell helps Microsoft more than it helps GNU/Linux.
|    2. Novell still insults competing GNU/Linux distributions and Sun’s
|    Openoffice.org. (Read more)
|    3. Novell & Microsoft’s software patent agreement betrays rest of free
|    software community, including the very people who wrote the Novell’s own
|    system, for Novell’s sole financial profit. (Read more)
|    4. Novell helps Microsoft’s fight against Ajax, web standards, SVG by
|    supporting Silverlight & implementing its GNU/Linux version. (Read more)
|    5. Novell supports Microsofts proprietary standard OOXML.
|    6. Novell is pushing Microsofts patents to GNU/Linux and cheating Free
|    Software Community.
|    7. Novell is the biggest promoter of MONO in Free Software Development.

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