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[News] List of 100 Free (Gratis) Books & Tutorials on Free (Libre) Software

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Linuxtopia: Over 100 Free Books & Tutorials for FOSS Apps/Platforms

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| One of the chicken-and-egg problems that keeps some users from trying out and 
| becoming skilled at good open source applications is lack of adequate 
| documentation. How are you supposed to learn effectively without it? The good 
| news is that for a whole lot of open source applications and operating 
| systems, there are good, free books you can get online. We've covered these 
| for the powerful Blender 3D graphics and animation app, for Ubuntu, for Linux 
| hacks, and for the GIMP (graphics). We've also covered FLOSS Manuals, which 
| free documentation for many open source applications. In addition to these, 
| one of the best online sources for free books and tutorials is Linuxtopia.        



10 Most Awesome Linux Applications

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| I know, I know.  Not another blog post that lists the “top 10 something or
| other”.  But bear with me.
| I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what makes a given application awesome.
| I use a lot of applications every day, many I couldn’t do my job without… but
| not all of them are awesome.
| It’s hard to describe just what “awesome” is.  It could be the reliability of
| something.  Or the sheer joy it brings when you use it.  Or that it does
| something truly unique and inspiring.
| With that in mind… my list of the top 10 most awesome applications for the
| Linux desktop (in no particular order).

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