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[News] Free Software Magazine and Drupal Founder Offer Development Tips

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Rule #4: Grow, Don't Build

,----[ Quote ]
| Since free software and other free culture products are formed by an organic, 
| incrementalist process, they tend to be highly organic in their design as 
| well. Free software is not so much built as it is grown. Thus, when 
| considering a new project, you must think not about how to break it down into 
| implementable chunks that can be assembled into a working product, but rather 
| about how the project can organically grow—moving from working product to 
| working product as it does so—becoming progressively more useful as it is 
| developed.       


Dries Buytaert's rules for creating a great community

,----[ Quote ]
| At OSBC last week I saw a great presentation by Dries Buytaert on how to 
| build community. Dries is the founder of Drupal. The slides for his 
| presentation (20 MB) include "Dries' 7 secrets" which I'll write about here.  
| Dries started out by showing us how the Drupal community really is a 
| community excited about Drupal. He had pictures of people carrying around 
| cutouts of people that couldn't attend a conference, hand made Drupal socks, 
| Drupal cookies, etc.   



Interview with Jono Bacon - Ubuntu Community Manager

,----[ Quote ]
| I believe that today Ubuntu plays a critical role in the Linux ecosystem,
| primarily in that Ubuntu is bring legions of new users and contributors over
| to the Open Source family. We have seen massive growth in the user community
| in recent years, and the continued growth of Ubuntu on netbooks is continuing
| to expose Linux to new users via Ubuntu. I feel that Ubuntu has been the much
| needed on-ramp to bring many who are totally unfamiliar with Linux into our
| world.


Talking Community With Ubuntu's Jono Bacon

,----[ Quote ]
| OStatic: What is next for the Ubuntu community? Where would you like to see
| it go in the future? Are there any outreach efforts or events that you'd
| especially like to see pushed to the next level?
| Bacon: We are only at the beginning of a long and exciting road. While I am
| proud of the progress we have made in the community so far, there is still
| much to do. Every community is like a growing organism: it reacts to stimulus
| and change in its environment and changes accordingly.

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