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[News] GNOME 3.0 and Desktop Environments in Detail

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Planning for GNOME 3.0

,----[ Quote ]
| During the first few months of 2008, a few Release Team members discussed 
| here and there about the state of GNOME. This was nothing official, and it 
| could actually have been considered as some friends talking together about 
| things they deeply care about. There were thoughts that GNOME could stay with 
| the 2.x branch for a very long time given our solid development methods, but 
| that it was not the future that our community wants to see happening. Because 
| of lack of excitement. Because of lack of vision. Slowly, a plan started to 
| emerge. It evolved, changed, was trimmed a bit, made more solid. We started 
| discussing with a few more people, got more feedback. And then, at GUADEC, 
| the Release Team proposed an initial plan to the community that would lead 
| the project to GNOME 3.0. Quite some time passed; actually, too much time 
| passed because too many people were busy with other things. But it's never 
| too late to do the right thing, so let's really be serious about GNOME 3.0 \
| now!              


5 Useful Desktop Managers for Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Today I’m going to write about some of the most useful alternative desktop 
| managers you should consider using on your operating system. To start off I 
| have  
| Xfce
| Xfce is a fast and a light desktop environment for unix like operating 
| systems. It is specially desgined to improve your work productivity. It has 
| the ability to load and execute applications really fast while conserving 
| system resources.   
| [...]
| Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment is an extremely faster, performing and 
| energy saving desktop environment. 



Gnome 3 mockup screenshots



Plans for Gtk+/GNOME 3.0 surfaced

,----[ Quote ]
| At the GNOME conference GUADEC plans were presented how the transition to the
| new Gtk and GNOME is supposed to happen. The basic idea is to make the
| transition as smooth as possible by first cleaning up everything and
| introducing new concepts later on.


GTK+ 3.0: Getting serious.

,----[ Quote ]
| GTK+ has come a long way. From its humble beginnings as “The GIMP ToolKit”,
| it is now used in a plethora of applications. In fact, GTK+ is very popular.
| GNOME, one of the leading desktop environment on Unix systems, uses GTK+
| almost exclusively. The Gimp is built upon GTK+, of course. And there are
| many commercial software developers like Adobe, NVidia and VMware that
| decided to use it as a base for their products.    

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