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Re: Revenue Rises for Linux Points of Sale

viglen wrote:

This is all great, it is a progress, but please do not forget, the
story and problem doesn't end with just POS Software...
I mean great, now you can have POS Software on Linux, but where are
you going to find and how hard is it going to be to find POS Hardware
that works on Linux, that has Linux drivers ?
And I'm not just saying this, it is a 99% fact, take it from me, I
have worked in the POS industry for 20 years and I cannot remember
ever seeing a POS Hardware device that requires drivers in order to
work, to have Linux drivers included by the manufacturer.
And do not take me wrong, I know there is alot of POS hardware that
doesn't need drivers at all (i.e. USB barcode scanners, card readers,
etc...), but let's not forget that there are other POS hardware
peripherals that must have drivers accompany them.

Thank you.

What is the typical cost of OS software for a POS system, and what is the cost of the hardware? Is the hardware leased or purchased? What is the cost of applications? Is there one OS predominant in POS?

If the cost of the OS is very small relative to the other costs, I would say the near-term and even long-term prospects for Linux POS are not so good (not counting security issues). In this case, competition from Linux or elsewhere can be considered to have already brought down the price of the OS so that it would be hard to dislodge the predominant player, if there is one.

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