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[News] Open Clip Art Crosses Milestone, YouTube Under MAFIAA Attack

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Open Clip Art Library Release 0.19 Announcement and OCAL10K Goal Exceeeded

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| Release 0.19 of Open Clip Art Library (http://www.openclipart.org), 
| containing over 12,000 high quality scalable vector graphics (SVG) files 
| released into the public domain by over a 1000 artists, is now available for 
| download and use. In celebration of this accomplishment, since OCAL’s last 
| release happened in 2005, and March being 5th anniversary of the Open Clip 
| Art Library (OCAL), the OCAL community set a goal to achieve 10,000 uploaded 
| pieces of vector graphics. The project achieved this with the 10,000th 
| submission from user Boobaloo who uploaded a graphic of an onion. The project 
| congratulates Boobaloo for uploading the 10,000th upload. Also, project 
| congratulates all artists who have uploaded in this anniversary OCAL10K 
| sprint.          


The Vanishing YouTube Videos and a Look Behind the Scenes

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| Would you like to take a leisurely day trip with me, instead, so I can show 
| you what's been happening in the Google/YouTube-Viacom litigation? There's 
| been a hearing on a motion to compel discovery with some humorous elements to 
| share with you, among other tidbits, that will show you a really effective 
| lawyer at work educating the judge, who admits she's not a techie, on what 
| might work well technically in resolving issues.      



Open Source Art

,----[ Quote ]
| Two of the most prevalent themes of the LuminaTO festival are without 
| a doubt interactivity and collaboration. Coming from a technology 
| background, I always find some of the most compelling innovations 
| in the industry have come from transparent collaborations between 
| groups of people. This is often defined as "open source" development.

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