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[News] GNU Project Tops List of Code Reuse

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GNU Automake tops reuse survey

,----[ Quote ]
| That explains why GNU Automake is so popular: It automatically generates Make 
| files for compilation of a software project. In a world where Linux is not 
| the standard and not everyone who compiles binaries is a programmer, GNU 
| Automake can simplify builds for end users. GNU Automake is written in Perl.   


Open Source Study Reveals High Level of Code Reuse

,----[ Quote ]
| An analysis of 1,311 open source projects revealed that open source 
| developers reused code from those projects in other projects more than 
| 365,000 times, saving the open source community over 316,000 staff years and 
| tens of billions of dollars in development costs. The study conducted by 
| Black Duck Software, a provider of products and services for accelerating 
| software development through the managed use of open source software (OSS), 
| points to the dramatic efficiencies and cost savings of open source code 
| reuse.        



Open source at the business end

,----[ Quote ]
| Actor Stephen Fry's support of Twitter has been credited with pushing the
| micro-blogging tool into the mainstream. But his support for all things open
| source has been equally impassioned, and Fry recently singled out the company
| that hosts his podcasts for its dedication to open source. "My thanks as
| always go to the team at The Positive Internet Company. For 10 years they
| have used only free and open-source technologies like GNU Linux in their
| organisation," Fry said.
| [...]
| Q: Stephen Fry has said nice things about your devotion to open source and
| your expertise in hosting — how did that relationship come about?
| A: With Stephen Fry there was an interesting osmosis between him and us and
| free software. His people liked our use of free software and had also heard
| good things about us through word of mouth and how we had done things for
| Ricky [Gervais]. Subsequently Stephen Fry has become a big fan of free
| software and in fact he recorded a birthday video for the GNU Project.



Stephen Fry's film "Happy Birthday to GNU" now available in 24 languages ready
for Software Freedom Day

,----[ Quote ]
| Since its release ten days ago, Stephen Fry's film "Happy Birthday to GNU" at
| www.gnu.org/fry has been viewed over a half-million times, and today the Free
| Software Foundation (FSF) announced the availability of twenty-four
| translations including Chinese, Arabic, Russian and Hebrew, that have been
| prepared especially for this Saturday's Software Freedom Day.


Freedom Fry — "Happy birthday to GNU"

,----[ Quote ]
| Mr. Stephen Fry introduces you to free software, and reminds you of a very
| special birthday.


Stephen Fry punts free software

,----[ Quote ]
| In one of the less likely combinations of talent, Stephen Fry has been called
| in to be part of the 25th anniversary of the GNU operating system. Fry, a
| popular humorist, actor and novelist features in a five-minute long film in
| which he explains the history of free software and its importance in the
| world.

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