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[News] Free Software as an Investment in People

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Open Source vs Closed Source -- Its about investing in People 

,----[ Quote ]
| 2. Open Source is an investment in People instead of Vendors
| When an IT executive chooses a Closed Source solution such as the Windows 
| product line of Data center software solutions, they are choosing to invest a 
| large portion of their budget in a vendor, in this case Microsoft. When 
| selecting an Open Source solution, to maximize the return on that investment, 
| the IT executives must invest in People. Open Source provides the user with 
| access to the source code, the user in this case is the business. This is an 
| incredibly powerful feature if it is managed properly, as you can fully 
| support yourself with the source code.       



Father of microloans sees end to poverty

,----[ Quote ]
| Computer programmer Tom Bostelmann had felt disconnected from philanthropy as 
| a tech guy. Now he works as a consultant to the Grameen Technology Center, 
| developing open-source banking systems software.  


Altruism and open source

,----[ Quote ]
| The story illustrates a point. That is, open source goals are often
| directed outward, not inward. It's not, I'm going to make money, but
| we're going to accomplish some larger goal.
| Often the target of open source ambition is the customer. Open
| source projects drive out costs and bring savings, which multiply
| as customers learn more about their open source tools. 


Why Do Some Software Programmers Work for Free?

,----[ Quote ]
| In the end, the results suggest that a potential monetary payoff down the 
| line does motivate software developers to be more productive, but many 
| developers are still attracted to the movement for things besides pecuniary 
| rewards. They just don't seem to work as hard.   

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