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[News] GNU/Linux via USB Works Well

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Review: From Windows To Linux In A Flash

,----[ Quote ]
| Perhaps the biggest hurdle preventing some IT pros used to running Windows 
| shops from deploying Linux desktops is the learning curve involved for both 
| their staffs and their end users.  
| Or maybe it's because the seemingly unlimited number of Linux distributions 
| out there can make choosing the appropriate one for a business a daunting 
| task.   
| [...]
| Yet, Pendrivelinux2008, as the other three flash-drive bootable Linux 
| offerings, impressed us. Booting Linux from a USB is free, generates little 
| to no headaches and requires no additional equipment.   


"The government is not trying to destroy Microsoft, it’s simply seeking to
compel Microsoft to obey the law. It’s quite revealing that Mr. Gates equates
the two."
                                --Government official


Tux Fleets of USB Keys to Boldly Go Where No Windows Has Gone Before

,----[ Quote ]
| Our attempt failed, but it revealed that MS is really afraid of usb-booting.
| We shouldn't really care about what MS thinks. We should just mind our own
| business and boldly go where no windows has gone before. But that happens to
| be exactly what MS is afraid of anyway :-)


If It Scares Microsoft, It's Good For Everyone Else

,----[ Quote ]
| I too wonder why anyone would be a fan of a company that is so abusive and
| hostile to its own customers. Is being the biggest gorilla all that matters?
| Is that what being a success means, and is that really something to admire?
| Richard Stallman is often criticized as being out of touch and too fanatical.
| But I think that anyone who is really paying attention knows that if
| anything, that he's barely hard-core enough. The good news is Linux and FOSS
| are progressing so quickly, and with so much genuine innovation, we have
| multitudes of great tools for getting our work done quicker and easier, and
| for wowing customers of the monopolist who have been led to believe that
| innovation is charging newer, fancier prices for the same old junk. All the
| best tools and toys are in the FOSS world now, and everyone is welcome.


Ubuntu from your flash drive - easier than ever before

,----[ Quote ]
| As you have probably noticed, new versions have arrived of Ubuntu, Xubuntu
| and other derivatives. One of the most exciting new features has received far
| less publicity than it deserves - the ability to “install” it onto your USB
| flash drive with just a few clicks.

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