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[News] GNU/Linux Very Affordable Because of Applications

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It's Not the Cost of the OS - It's the Cost of Apps

,----[ Quote ]
| Software costs now dwarf hardware costs
| Times have changed though, pretty thoroughly: at this point you can get a 
| pretty rocking computer loaded with RAM, a quad core processor, a great 
| graphics card, and a gi-normous fast hard drive for about $700. And have room 
| in the budget for a great big gorgeous color LCD to see it all on and maybe 
| even a nice big graphics pen-tablet. Meanwhile, the cost of Photoshop and all 
| the other creative software has not come down one iota. Something's gotta 
| give.      
| So it was the lure of free-libre programs like the Gimp, Blender, Audacity, 
| Inkscape, and Rawstudio that first drew me in. Actually, I think it was 
| probably OpenOffice that was the first FOSS program I downloaded and 
| installed onto Windows 2000. You see, with the relatively small amount of 
| word processing and office type stuff I do, it seemed crazy to keep buying 
| office software. (I used WordPerfect ages ago, and I've never used MS Office 
| at all.) So I tried OOo and guess what? It was just brilliant, exactly what I 
| needed and more. Wow, I thought, how can a program this good be completely 
| free?        


Celtx jumps a version, releases 2.0

,----[ Quote ]
| After years of perpetual beta (it’s vogue these days), Celtx, the open source 
| media pre-production and screenwriting application, finally earned its 1.0 
| status this past June. So it might seem a little odd that only eight months 
| later, Celtx is making the jump to 2.0 (and it does seem a little sudden) so 
| let’s take a look and see if this new version worth its version number.    



Best Affordable Computer Options

,----[ Quote ]
| Below are the cheapest pre-fabricated computers that I could find. They all 
| run on Linux based operating systems. 



Linux will dominate UK schools within 5 years

,----[ Quote ]
| Yes, it does seem unlikely doesn't it? Windows has been the only reality for 
| several generations of computer users. But is the tide finally beginning to 
| turn?  
| At the Education Show held in February 2007, the talk was of 'sustainable' 
| computing and how schools could use technology to reduce their 'carbon  
| footprint'. Nobody had any idea of what was to come – a host of Linux-based, 
| ultra-portable, incredibly cheap and very green personal laptops.  


Linux Laptops Reach Critical Mass

,----[ Quote ]
| Toss in Ubuntu’s growing popularity on desktops and laptops, and it appears 
| as if Linux for PCs and laptops is finally ready to go mainstream. For more 
| on Ubuntu and Linux going mainstream,  

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