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[News] GNU/Linux Promoted for Suitability in Appliances

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Appliances big opportunity for Linux, Novell says 

,----[ Quote ]
| The modularity and licensing of Linux makes it well suited as the platform of 
| choice for the burgeoning software appliance market, a Novell executive said 
| at the VMworld conference in Cannes.  
| Software appliances are applications that come prepackaged with an operating 
| system on, for example, a virtual machine or a USB stick.  



Red Hat Appliance exclusive review

,----[ Quote ]
| As well as making it extremely quick and easy for administrators to deploy
| applications, once deployed, the service and support package makes it easy to
| keep them running with minimum effort. For example, the appliance comes with
| a subscription to the Red Hat Network (RHN), which enables IT staff to
| install software and updates from a browser connected to the RHN web site.


Subversion software appliance runs Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| WANdisco announced the availability of an embedded software appliance that
| runs Linux and incorporates the popular open source "Subversion" revision
| control system for distributed software development. The Subversion MultiSite
| Software Appliance combines Subversion, Apache server, rPath Linux, and
| WANdisco's multi-site replication technology, says the company.


WANdisco Unveils Subversion MultiSite Software Appliance Based on Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| In general, a virtual appliance is a software application that is
| pre-packaged with a fully supported ‘just enough operating system (JeOS)’,
| based on Linux. The application offers everything that is required for the
| deployment in a virtual machine.



Virtual Appliance Company Streamlines Access to Open Source Applications

,----[ Quote ]
| "In a nutshell, JumpBox Open brings simplicity, selection and time savings to
| the world of Open Source software," said Kimbro Staken, JumpBox Co-founder
| and CEO. "Because JumpBoxes make it so simple to deploy applications, JumpBox
| Open provides easy solutions to most any business application requirements."
| There are 20 JumpBoxes currently available, and over 50 more scheduled by the
| end of 2008. Current applications include: Alfresco, Bugzilla, Cacti,
| DokuWiki, Drupal, Joomla!, Mantis, MediaWiki, MoinMoin, OTRS, phpBB, TWiki,
| Trac/Subversion, vTiger CRM and WordPress.


Transitive(R) Customer Evaluation Options Enhanced as QuickTransit(R) Receives
VMware Virtual Appliance Lab Certification

,----[ Quote ]
| "VMware's certification of Transitive's award-winning QuickTransit for
| Solaris/SPARC-to-Linux/x86-64 Virtual Appliance is a timely endorsement of
| the value of cross-platform virtualization solutions by an acknowledged
| market leader," said Ian Robinson, vice-president of marketing for
| Transitive.

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