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[News] Canada to Potentially Follow UK's Footsteps on Free Software, US Too?

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Responding to Canada

,----[ Quote ]
| Do take a look; if you'd like to re-use any of it, there's also an ODF 
| version. You'll note that we think lumping open source in with shareware, 
| trialware and bait-and-switchware is a mistake; it's not about saving money 
| on licenses, it's about securing key freedoms.  More inside.   


Britain Endorses ODF; Why Not The U.S.?

,----[ Quote ]
| It's been adopted by Japan, Malaysia, and two states of India, as well as 
| Hong Kong. 
| Other countries that have adopted it are South Africa and Russia, according 
| to the ODF Alliance. 
| In this group of adopters, Britian is the country with the closest ties to 
| North America. Its economy thrives, if that's the right word these days, on a 
| similar liberal capitalism and technology-driven development. If Britain can 
| adopt ODF, why not the U.S.?   


UK really gets FOSS

,----[ Quote ]
| The policy on open standards does not say much, but in the Action Plans (#8) 
| it specifically says that ODF (ISO 26300) is required for compliance. OOXML 
| is also mentioned, but merely as "emerging open versions of previously 
| proprietary standards" which is probably the most generous description Ive 
| heard. Its quite clear that the "defacto" binary Microsoft Office docs and 
| Macro enabled OOXML are out.     



Wedding Open Source to Government Service Delivery

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the challenges I’m most interested in is how we can wed “open” systems
| to government hierarchies. In a lecture series I’ve developed for Health
| Canada I’ve developed a way of explaining how we do this already with our 911
| service.
| To being, I like using 911 as an example because people are familiar and
| comfortable with it. More importantly, virtually everyone agrees that it is
| not only an essential piece of modern government service but also among the
| most effective.


An open door for open source?

,----[ Quote ]
| Federal government puts out a call for information on free software
| [...]
| Some examples of popular open-source software include the Linux operating
| system, the word processing suite OpenOffice and the web browser Mozilla
| Firefox.

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