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[News] Academic Paper Promotes Free Software Principles, NZ Press Also

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Towards an Open Source Legal Operating System 

,----[ Quote ]
| An informed democratic society needs open access to the law, but states' 
| attempts to protect copyright interests in their laws are a major roadblock. 
| This article urges broader access, analyzes the implications and legal 
| arguments for and against copyright in the law, and considers strategies for 
| access advocacy.     


A new era dawns for open source

,----[ Quote ]
| Open source has some specific advantages for New Zealand and in these 
| recessionary times. It provides source code for free that can be modified, 
| subject only to the provision these modifications must be made available to 
| the public. For New Zealand, with its small market, this means customisation 
| to meet regional differences can more easily be undertaken. For example, 
| American zip codes can be changed to postal codes; VAT can be changed to GST; 
| and numeric dates can be set in the correct order.       



Software as a Service is a key to Linux Growth

,----[ Quote ]
| Millions of users like to use and want to be able to print greeting cards at
| home. I am not one of them, but my wife is. So are many people I know. They
| consider it big time saver and have the opportunity to customize and make a
| card or printed item more personal by having access to software like this.
| What other kinds of software is missing from the free software world that
| hasn't made it over yet? How many of these are available as a service? A
| great many of them.

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