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Re: Google Joins Europe Case Against Microsoft

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____/ nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on Wednesday 25 February 2009 14:47 : \____

> Microsoft’s share of the browser market had decreased to 68 percent in
> January, from about 80 percent two years ago, according to Net
> Applications, a research firm. Firefox had about 21.5 percent of the
> market, while Safari, made by Apple, 8.3 percent, and Google’s Chrome,
> 1 percent....
> </Quote>
> http://www.nytimes.com/2009/02/25/technology/companies/25google.html

Please don't reference the garbage from Net Applications? Safari at 8.3
percent? Give me a break. :-)


,----[ Quote ]
| The question that isn't often asked though is: "Can you trust Net 
| Applications' numbers?" According to Roy S. Schestowitz, editor of Boycott 
| Novell, the answer is: "No." According to a recent Boycott Novell 
| blog, "Microsoft and Apple put money on Net Applications' table, so rather 
| unsurprisingly, the results satisfy both companies. GNU/Linux, on the other 
| hand, is not able to pay Net Applications for favourable bias."     
| And, in addition, to other points Schestowitz writes, "Net Applications 
| admits its statistics are flawed (skewed)" and "Net Applications keeps its 
| methods secret and the dataset likewise."  
| Whether Net Applications is unduly influenced by Apple and Microsoft is 
| outside the scope of this story. What can be said though is that Net 
| Applications' desktop numbers certainly can't be taken as Gospel.  
| In my own research of the Web traffic history of computer, but not 
| Linux-oriented, sites, with millions of hits per month, I found that Linux 
| desktops averaged at 6.8%. That number is biased towards technically adept 
| users, and not the general population. That said, I think it's a more 
| accurate number for the computer-literate population than the Net Application 
| numbers are for the general population.      


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