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[News] US 'Justice' Gives Green Light to Patent Ambush

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Supremes reject Rambus 'patent ambush' case

,----[ Quote ]
| The Supreme Court rejected the US Federal Trade Commission's request to 
| resurrect antitrust accusations the District of Columbia Circuit tossed out 
| in April. Its latest rebuff effectively kills the regulator's seven-year saga 
| against Rambus for allegedly monopolizing four key technologies found in DRAM 
| chips.    
| The FTC accuses Rambus of deceiving the memory standard-setting group JEDEC 
| (Joint Electron Device Engineering Council) by not disclosing its intentions 
| to patent technologies that would become part of the DDR SDRAM specification.  


Supreme Court lets Rambus off 



Rambus hopes for the go-ahead to collect on licensing fee claims

,----[ Quote ]
| Judge Ronald M. Whyte of the US District Court, Northern District of
| California in San Jose, who has already presided over other cases involving
| Rambus and Hynix, has now reached a number of decisions, which were preceded
| by a legally and technically interesting 42-page set of findings. According
| to the court findings, DDR2, DDR3, GDDR2, and GDDR4 SDRAM chips made by
| Hynix, Micron, Nanya and Samsung infringe claim 16 of Rambus patent
| 6,266,285, granted on July 24, 2001; where GDDR3 memory is concerned, only
| Hynix, Micron and Samsung are affected. Rambus had also filed complaints over
| patent infringements related to nine further US patents, but Judge Whyte
| denied them for the most part.


Rambus wants to stop Nvidia products from being imported into the US

,----[ Quote ]
| It seems that the negotiations between Rambus and Nvidia over the licence
| fees for Rambus patents haven't been going too well. Rambus has now filed a
| complaint against Nvidia at the US International Trade Commission (USITC),
| asking the USITC to order an import ban for products with Nvidia parts
| containing memory controllers for SDRAM memory components like DDR, DDR2,
| DDR3, LPDDR, GDDR, GDDR2 and GDDR3. This probably includes most of Nvidia's
| graphics chips, mainboard chipsets and notebook chipsets, including those
| incorporated in the latest Apple notebooks as well as products by Asus, BFG,
| Biostar, Diablotek, EVGA, Gigabyte, HP, MSI, Palit, Pine and Sparkle, who
| were all explicitly listed by Rambus.



EU accuses Rambus of 'patent ambush'


Rambus Sues Nvidia

,----[ Quite ]
| Rambus on Thursday said it had filed a lawsuit against Nvidia, alleging the
| graphics chip vendor had infringed on memory architecture patents owned by
| Rambus.

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