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[News] Trying to Make GNU/Linux 'Another Windows' Not the Way to Go

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iMagic OS: Commercial Linux Distro Gone Wrong

,----[ Quote ]
| That issue aside, Carlos also clarified to me that the distro costs $80 for a 
| reason. It includes Codeweaver's Crossover Office, which is something I 
| overlooked the first time around. Since that product on its own costs $70, it 
| makes a bit more sense as to why the distro itself isn't cheap.      


Mono developers should pay attention. Linux is not Windows and it's not
Microsoft 'standards'.


10 things you should know about every Linux installation

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux is not Windows, and although there are some similarities, you
| must realise that there may be a few "new ways of doing things" to
| learn before you can be comfortable in Linux.


Isn't Linux just UNIX under a different name?

,----[ Quote ]
| Yet, the bottom line is Linux is not UNIX. Make no mistake. Linux was not
| derived from the original program code and it is not subject to any UNIX
| licensing arrangement (some may say constraint.) In fact, Linux is not
| legally able to call itself UNIX (and incidentally, neither is BSD anymore.)
| No, despite the affection long-timers in the industry might have for UNIX
| there’s no denying Linux has taken on a life of its own and is driving modern
| development faster than any proprietary team. In a twist of fate, Linux poses
| a challenge to the mighty Microsoft whose server-based operating systems led
| pundits to question the viability of UNIX just two decades ago.
| Linux ain’t UNIX. And in fact Linux has left UNIX behind. The UNIX name has
| become bogged down with fragmented development and legal battles making it a
| shell of its former self. Linux is the new UNIX, it alone is the embodiment
| of the elegant design and hacker spirit that UNIX originally represented.


iTunes on the Xandros Eee PC 900, Not Quite a Windows Experience

,----[ Quote ]
| I am a big fan of Xandros on the Eee PC, but I’ve always said it has its
| limitations, especially when it doesn’t give me access to my favorite Windows
| programs. But when my editor told me earlier this week about Wine HQ, I
| nearly freaked. Wine HQ enables a compatibility layer that allows Windows
| programs to run on a Linux OS.

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