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Re: Linux Netbooks Eating Microsoft's Lunch

After takin' a swig o' grog, William Poaster belched out
  this bit o' wisdom:

> On Mon, 23 Feb 2009 17:30:09 -0800, Rex Ballard wrote:
>> On Feb 20, 8:10 pm, High Plains Thumper
>> <highplainsthum...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> amicus_curious wrote:
>>> > High Plains Thumper wrote...
>>> >>http://www.netbookdigest.com/2009/02/12/the-cold-numbers-of-microsoft...
>>> >> orhttp://tinyurl.com/bb94re
>>> >> [quote ....]
>>> >> $75,600,000  / $150,000 per employee = ~500 developers.
>>> >> Developers are the lifeblood of a software company. Microsoftÿs
>>> >> ability to deliver innovative products is being stung by Linux in the
>>> >> netbook market. Unless Microsoft 7 is a hit, this trend will
>>> >> accelerate. Unfortunately for MSFT, Windows 7ÿs is based off of
>>> >> Vista and its cheapest version will limit users to running 3 programs
>>> >> at a time. [/quote]
>> Thumper has a key point here.
>> It isn't whether Linux completely DOMINATES the market, but rather whether
>> Linux and OSS become a threat to Microsoft's REVENUE.
> Well, it seems not so much as "become a threat" but that Linux & OSS *are*
> a threat. As far back as 2003 M$ warned the SEC that the company "...may
> in the future be forced to lower its software prices as a result of the
> growth of open source..."
> And:
> "In its latest 10-Q quarterly filing (in 2003), Microsoft said that the
> popularization of the open-source movement continues to pose a significant
> challenge to its business model."
> (This is probably why Ballmer called Linux "THE Number One Threat")
> http://www.eweek.com/c/a/Application-Development/Microsoft-Warns-SEC-of-OpenSource-Threat/1/
> In 2005 Microsoft Executives deposed in sworn testimony before Courts, &
> in every quarterly SEC filing, that Linux users made up over 17% of
> all Internet users with a growth rate of >3% per annum.
> (And who would know the competition better than Microsoft!)

That URL talks about /server/ numbers from 2003, though.

> And just in case the wintrolls like Hadron Quack etc, still cling
> to their "Linux desktop is only 1%" garbage, *why* would M$ advertise for
> a Director of Open Source Strategy, whose job it will be to combat Linux
> on the *desktop* (not servers) if, as they claim, Linux on the desktop is
> so insignificant. 
> http://blogs.computerworld.com/more_evidence_that_linux_spooks_microsoft

   Here's the overall job description:

    The Windows Competitive Strategy team is looking for a strong team
    member to lead Microsoft's global desktop competitive strategy
    as it relates to open source competitors. Our team mission is to
    gather intelligence, create business strategies, and drive action in
    the marketplace for the Windows Client business. 

> IMO this is why the likes of DFS etc troll Linux groups, to decry Linux &
> put off prospective users. Their world is shrinking, & they can't or won't
> adapt to other operating systems.

"Caw!  Caw!  Shoo!"

    The person who takes this job will be heading up an all-out press
    against Linux on the desktop, as these specific job functions taken from
    the job posting show:

      * Manage technical analysis of competitive platforms
      * Create a rational set of proof points that promote
        Microsoft's comparative value
      * Build a fact-based marketing plan that articulates the
        Windows Client value proposition to partners and customers
      * Collaborate with the owners of outbound marketing
        channels, such as PR, advertising, analysts, field,
        and partners
      * Manage a marketing budget and influence worldwide
        subsidiary participation to drive our strategy

Others have other ideas:


The Abrams' Principle:
The shortest distance between two points is off the wall.

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