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[News] Telco Toolkit Goes Open-source; Linux Runs Multimedia Streamer

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Open-source toolkit aimed at telcos

,----[ Quote ]
| What’s more, Nolle says that the current edition of ExperiaSphere is only the 
| beginning. In the toolkit’s next phase, CIMI will incorporate a 
| more “socially aware” framework that will blend social networking, calling, 
| collaboration and unified communications. And eventually, Nolle says that 
| CIMI will release the toolkit’s source code to allow for open-source 
| development.     


A free, open-source Linux multimedia streamer 

,----[ Quote ]
| GNUMP3d is magic, or at least it felt that way after I installed it. From the 
| site: GNUMP3d is a streaming server for MP3s, OGG vorbis files, movies and 
| other media formats.  



Can we get some better telecom shills please?

,----[ Quote ]
| I will let you decide which applies to the author of a "research study" of
| Google's bandwidth use being pushed by the anti–net neutrality site
| NetCompetition.org. Using some rather dubious proxy measures—which would be
| worth further scrutiny as well, if the fundamental premise weren't so
| manifestly bogus as to render such quibbling moot—telecom shill Scott Cleland
| estimates that Google and its subsidiaries "used" 16.5% of consumer broadband
| traffic in 2008, but only paid 0.8% of consumer broadband costs. This, the
| author brazenly claims, amounts to an implicit subsidy of some $6.9 billion
| to Google, and proves that Google "uses" 21 times as much bandwidth as it
| pays for.
| This is stupid on so many levels I'm almost too stunned to know where to
| begin. Why would you ever imagine that the per-byte cost of getting upstream
| traffic out on a few enormous pipes would be the same as the per-byte cost on
| the downstream side, where the same traffic is dispersed to a bazillion
| consumers, each with their own broadband connection? (Nestle pays a lot less
| per pound than you do for sugar; I await a "research study.") What would
| possess anyone to posit that there's some inherently "fair" division of the
| cost of connecting end users to popular (mostly free) services anyway? Google
| adds value to the product ISPs sell, presumably helping them to attract
| customers; should Eric Schmidt be demanding compensation for the "implicit
| subsidy"?


EU looks into telecoms blocking Internet calls

,----[ Quote ]
| European Union regulators are looking into whether mobile phone operators who
| block customers from making inexpensive wireless calls over the Internet are
| breaking competition rules.
| The European Commission, the EU antitrust authority, has sent questionnaires
| to phone companies asking what "tools" they use to "control, manage, block,
| slow down or otherwise restrict or filter" Internet-based voice calls.

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