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[News] Desktop Features and Community Aspects of Ubuntu

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Looking Past the Jackalope, What We Know About Ubuntu's Karmic Koala

,----[ Quote ]
| Desktop Koalas could have some internal genetic alterations -- such as 
| flicker free X initialization (in the spirit of Fedora 10) and boot speeds 
| that suggest "jungle cat" over "arboreal marsupial." Shuttleworth also hints 
| at how different this desktop will look. Will the Karmic Koala break from the 
| traditional Ubuntu brown?    


How to Join the Ubuntu Community

,----[ Quote ]
| Much of the work of these dedicated individuals is in packaging and 
| maintaining the software on offer in the Ubuntu repositories and managing the 
| nearly 50,000 open bugs. They carry out all of this behind-the-scenes admin 
| work to make Ubuntu better. When you use Synaptic or apt-get to install a 
| piece of software, little thought is given to the process involved in getting 
| that software to you. You click it, it installs, you run it without problem.     



Introducing the Karmic Koala, our mascot for Ubuntu 9.10

,----[ Quote ]
| Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce the *Karmic Koala*, the newest
| member of our alliterative menagerie.
| When you are looking for inspiration beyond the looming Jaunty feature
| freeze, I hope you'll think of the Koala, our official mascot for Ubuntu
| 9.10. And if you'll bear with me for a minute I'll set the scene for what we
| hope to achieve in that time.

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