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[News] Tux3 Filesystem in Linux; File Power in Linux Explained

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Will Tux3 Soon Enter The Mainline Kernel?

,----[ Quote ]
| As of late, file-systems have been a popular topic among Linux developers and 
| users. The EXT4 file-system was recently stabilized and it brings some modest 
| performance improvements and is finding its way into modern distributions. 
| While not yet stabilized, the Btrfs file-system was merged into the Linux 
| 2.6.29 kernel and is poised as the Linux competitor to Sun's famed ZFS 
| file-system. There is also open-source work underway in supporting 
| Microsoft's exFAT file-system on Linux. On top of all of that, there is also 
| the Tux3 file-system.        
| [...]
| The Tux3 project has been making great progress and following its review 
| period, soon perhaps we will see it enter the mainline kernel (of course, as 
| an experimental option). Kernel patches for the Tux3 file-system are supposed 
| to be in a Git tree within the next few days.   


Power Tools: Piles of Files

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux runs on text. Configuration files are often human-readable text. Many 
| other files contain text, too, and text often flows through Standard I/O 
| connections. Linux has powerful utilities to handle text; you can also use a 
| scripting language.    



ext4: The Fourth Extended Filesystem

,----[ Quote ]
| The ext4 file system is to be the successor to the ext3 journaled file system
| and will be available as an optional file system in the next release of
| Ubuntu, Ubuntu 9.04.
| The ext4 file system is now, as of December 25, 2008, released as stable and
| can be used as the dominant file system without fear of data lose…well, to be
| more clear I mean no more fear than any other “stable” file system.


Initial ext3 vs ext4 Results

,----[ Quote ]
| We’ve started to do some internal benchmarking of ext3 vs ext4 at
| myYearbook.com to see if what we’ve seen and heard about ext4 was really
| true.  While the following benchmark is not in-depth, it does represent our
| initial findings, which match our anecdotal findings.  If all of these
| findings hold true, we expect them to have a large impact on our PostgreSQL
| OLTP workload where machines are IO bound.

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