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[News] [Rival] Microsoft Secrets Stolen in Barcelona Which Microsoft Ripped Off

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Telstra executive sparks Microsoft security scare

,----[ Quote ]
| An unnamed Telstra executive has sparked a major security scare at Microsoft 
| after a phone loaded with a secret upcoming version of the Windows Mobile 
| operating system was stolen out of his pocket in Spain.  


Barcelona pickpocket makes off with Microsoft's new mobile phone

,----[ Quote ]
| The notorious pickpockets of Barcelona have struck again – but this time the 
| target was more precious than a handbag or a leather wallet. A prototype 
| mobile phone loaded with Microsoft software built to rival Apple’s iPhone was 
| filched from an executive’s pocket during an evening function at the Mobile 
| World Congress, an annual gathering for the industry being held in the 
| Spanish city this week.      


"Consultants: These guys are your best bets as moderators. Get a well-known
consultant on your side early, but don’t let him publish anything blatantly
pro-Microsoft. Then, get him to propose himself to the conference organizers
as a moderator, whenever a panel opportunity comes up. Since he’s well-known,
but apparently independent, he’ll be accepted - one less thing for the
constantly-overworked conference organizer to worry about, right?"

                                                -- Microsoft



Microsoft Rips off Researchers at Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona

,----[ Quote ]
| Recently while on vacation I was flipping channels and came across a
| channel called “current TV”, what caught my eye was a  computer  booting
| to Kubuntu. This computer looked remarkably like Microsoft’s new
| Surface touch table. Funny thing is the reactable has been around
| over three years and research has been going on much longer than that.

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