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[News] Red Hat Takes Shillnalists Approach to Promoting Itself

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Red Hat learns the white paper game

,----[ Quote ]
| Thus we have this PDF, under the byline of Caroline Boyd, which states your 
| government would save about $24 billion over three years by switching to open 
| soruce, virtualization and cloud computing.  
| [...]
| Microsoft loves white papers done by others, making claims which benefit it. 
| It’s a key marketing strategy. The fact that Red Hat is engaging here is a  
| positive sign. The fact that Red Hat is competing actively for government 
| business is another positive sign.  



Ballmer's Remarks Inspire A TCO Trip Down Memory Lane

,----[ Quote ]
| The email surfaced in early 2007, while Microsoft was embroiled in an Iowa 
| class-action lawsuit over alleged monopoly-pricing practices. (The company 
| settled the lawsuit in February, 2007 for $179 million.) According to the 
| email -- part of a slew of subpoenaed documents Microsoft would have 
| preferred to keep to itself -- at least one company official argued that it 
| would be "easier" not to own up to sponsoring the IDC study.     
| The Microsoft exec, Kevin Johnson, now the head of Microsoft's Windows 
| product team, wrote that he was concerned about competitors turning 
| Microsoft's sponsorship of the study to their own advantage. Oddly enough, 
| however, Johnson focused on the fact that the IDC study picked Windows as the 
| TCO champ in only four out of five outlined business scenarios.     

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