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[News] How to Properly Review GNU/Linux (and Another Success Story)

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The Problem With “My First Experience With Linux” Posts

,----[ Quote ]
| Authors, Do Your Research
| Most of these posts are written like notes with whatever the author was 
| thinking at the time. In other words, almost no research goes in to these 
| posts. Unfortunately, I admit, it is very hard to criticize Linux if you are 
| not well informed. If you make a wrong claim or an apparently mis-informed 
| claim, it will be jumped on, particularly if you used it to point out a flaw. 
| Instead, I suggest authors keep these notes to themselves. After trying out 
| Linux, or while you try out Linux, figure out the solutions to the problems 
| you encounter and take the time to understand what the perspective of an 
| advanced Linux user would be. Then, once you have done this, tell me the 
| difference between the newbie’s perspective and the geek’s perspective.         


Dabbling with Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| I’ve never really had the need before, but a friend kindly gave me a dead 
| laptop, to which I attached an old external LCD screen, keyboard and mouse 
| and installed “crunchbang Linux” on a 4GB thumbdrive. This has given our 
| house a new kitchen “info-station”.   


Success. Nice screenshot too.
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