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Re: Numbers game: HTC has made 80% of all Windows Mobile phones

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____/ Chris Ahlstrom on Sunday 22 February 2009 02:48 : \____

>    While playing up the fact that 50 phone makers around the world have
>    licensed the company's Windows Mobile platform, Microsoft
>    inadvertently let it slip out that a full 80% of all Windows Mobile
>    phones ever made have actually come from a single maker: HTC.
>    . . .
>    Even more strikingly, HTC itself joined Google's Open Hardware
>    Alliance as a founding member in 2007 to promote Android, which serves as
>    a free and customizable drop-in replacement for Windows Mobile. It then
>    released the first Android-based phone last fall, the T-Mobile G1. If HTC
>    were happy with Windows Mobile, endorsing and promoting Android is a
>    strange way to express that.
>    . . .
>    Microsoft also announced SkyMarket, its answer to the iPhone App Store,
>    and My Phone, its alternative to Mobile Me cloud sync and push messaging.
>    The company also presented plans to spark the moribund Windows Mobile
>    business by rechristening its handsets as "Windows Phones" and
>    forcing all licensees to add a Windows Start button to their devices,
>    just as it did on the PC in 1995.
>    . . .
>    The core of Microsoft's new strategy, as Lees explained: "We
>    moved our organization from being focused on business, and now it's
>    more focused on the consumer." Further, in what might come as a
>    shock to the company's licensees, and particularly HTC, Lees said
>    'The focus has been on the device and now it's shifting to the
>    software on the device.' And how it will achieve this: "Every
>    phone will have a [physical] button to get to the start menu. People will
>    know they want a Windows Phone for both business and consumer
>    services."
> Oh. My. God.  A physical "Start" button.  What a user-interface innovation!
> To jump-start "Windows Phones" sales.
> I hope they also have a physical Ctrl-Alt-Delete.


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