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[News] Google Takes on the Patent Trolls, 4G Possibly 'Dead' Due to Patents

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Google takes risky patent fights to court

,----[ Quote ]
| Google Inc. is going on the offensive to fight patent claims, a strategy the 
| Internet search company says will deter frivolous lawsuits. The number of 
| patent challenges against Google rose to 14 last year, from 11 in 2007 and 
| three in 2006. The company wants to curb that growth by fighting rather than 
| settling lawsuits, said Catherine Lacavera, Googles senior litigation 
| counsel.     


Will 4G get stuck in the technology patent trap?

,----[ Quote ]
| WCMDA offered higher capacities and more features than GSM, but operators 
| could not substitute their 2G networks for 3G networks overnight. 3G handsets 
| continue to support the previous generation of technology.  
| This trend will continue with LTE; there will probably never be a pure LTE 
| handset – even data-only dongles are likely to be multimode. Next generation 
| handsets will likely support LTE, WCDMA and GSM/GPRS, not to mention a number 
| of other connection technologies such as Bluetooth, WiFi, WiMAX and RFiD.   
| Each additional standards-based technology will add incremental cost to the 
| product in terms of technical complexity, but also royalty costs. The mix of 
| other technologies expected in modern handsets such as MP3, cameras, DVB-H, 
| GPS and touch screens increase this complexity further.    



Terms and conditions apply: patent deal agreed for LTE

,----[ Quote ]
| The big radio network technology players seem to have banged each others' 
| heads together in a pre-emptive strike against intellectual property 
| squabbles over LTE (long term evolution, the favoured technology for 4G).  
| Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, NEC, NextWave Wireless, Nokia, Nokia Siemens 
| Networks and Sony Ericsson (not Qualcomm, although it has committed to 
| producing LTE chips) say they’re going to spare us  the usual courtroom 
| dramas and agree a solid licencing regime for LTE  before they start 
| producing kit.     

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