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[News] Free Software Enables People, Helps Eliminate Divide

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Getting Girls Into Tech

,----[ Quote ]
| Most kids need a lot of encouragement and support to discover and pursue 
| their real dreams. It's the rare maverick who is born with enough inner 
| strength and stubbornness to persist in the face of continual opposition, and 
| the most difficult kind to resist is the gentle, well-meaning kind from 
| people who think they know what is best for you. The FOSS world is the best 
| playground of all for anyone who is seriously interested in high-tech; I'd 
| like to see it become a lot more child-friendly, and especially 
| girl-friendly.       


Experts work to unlock PCs for African users

,----[ Quote ]
| The ANLoc Network is encouraging African language speakers in African and the 
| diaspora to celebrate International Mother Language Day by helping to develop 
| a locale for their language.  



Technology and the developing world

,----[ Quote ]
| Software
| When it comes to software, many in the developing world are
| excited about the potential of open source to speed the
| technologization of resource-poor economies. Open source
| software is, by definition, free. And the range of software
| available is now staggering - spanning everything from the
| most basic applications for individuals to the most
| sophisticated server infrastructure for large businesses.


Tech targets the Third World

,----[ Quote ]
| This PC wants to save the world
| Another example is the so-called $100 laptop for students in
| developing countries championed by Nicholas Negroponte of MIT's
| Media Lab. Negroponte's team has made breakthroughs in the screen,
| power source and physical design, among other things. People will
| salivate for it in the United States and Europe even as it gets
| launched next year in Latin America, Africa and rural Asia.

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