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[News] The Trouble for Windows on Sub-noteooks Only Just Begun

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HP Mini 1000 Mi Comes With Friendly Linux Distro

,----[ Quote ]
| HP has recently announced a sought-after Linux version of its popular Mini 
| 1000 consumer netbook. Basically, much of the internals are similar to the 
| other versions of the Mini 1000. However, the selling point of the Mi 
| version, which stands for Mobile internet, is the Linux OS dressed up in nice 
| clothes by HP.    
| On the HP Mini 1000 Mi, the company chose to bundle Ubuntu, one of the most 
| popular Linux distributions on the market. Nevertheless, HP listened to 
| netbook costumers regarding their experience with Linux. Hence, average users 
| simply won’t get the awkward feel of using Linux, as they feel on the Linpus 
| Linux on the Aspire One or on the Xandros OS on the EEE PC series. Instead, 
| the company developed a very appealing interface, which gathers all the 
| internet, email and multimedia tasks on its home screen.      


ARM 'will beat Intel on power drain and price'

,----[ Quote ]
| ARM-based netbooks will beat those using Intel's next-generation Moorestown 
| platform on price, match it on performance, and enable a new class of device 
| costing as little as $150 (£100), the UK chip designer has predicted.  


Won't run Windows.


Netbooks Open Linux Window at BETT

,----[ Quote ]
| On the same stand a large screen showed off the design appeal of the latest
| Ubuntu. This includes multiple windows rotating or rescaling. As this is
| better understood some Netbook users may return to Linux. Asustek Chairman
| Jonney Shih has predicted that about 60 percent of Eee PCs to be shipped in
| 2009 will have Windows XP.


Cheap PCs Weigh on Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| But most netbooks have less processing power than their full-featured cousins
| and can’t run high-spec versions of Windows, the world’s most widely used
| operating system. Microsoft is selling netbook makers cheaper, lighter
| versions of its operating system, but some manufacturers cut it out
| altogether by using Linux, an open-source OS. About 30% of netbooks, which
| sell for as little as $300, run a version of Linux.


Will the netbook cannibalize the traditional PC market?

,----[ Quote ]
| Will netbooks ultimately put the Linux OS on an equal footing with Windows in
| terms of market share? Probably not. Given how consumers view netbooks right
| now -- more as a "mini laptop" than as another category of device in its own
| right-- an ultra mobile device more in line with a mobile Internet device
| (MID) than a PC -- consumers are favoring Windows.
| "As consumers come to view it as less of a PC and more of a tool to access
| the Internet that happens to look like a laptop because of its larger screen
| and keyboard, then they will probably come to accept Linux more readily,"
| Solis said. "In addition, only x86-based processors from Intel and Via (AMD
| had not yet jumped into this game) can support Windows. x86 also support
| Linux. The competing platform base would be ARM -- mostly with Cortex A-8 and
| Cortex A-9 based processors from ARM itself and its licensees. These
| platforms do not support Windows XP or Vista, but they do support full PC
| versions of Linux (that would be optimized for netbooks and MIDs)."

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