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[News] [Rival] Another Massive Bot Herder is Born to Exploit Broken Windows

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Conficker Worm Gets an Evil Twin

,----[ Quote ]
| The criminals behind the widespread Conficker worm have released a new 
| version of the malware that could signal a major shift in the way the worm 
| operates.  
| The new variant, dubbed Conficker B++, was spotted three days ago by SRI 
| International researchers, who published details of the new code on Thursday. 
| To the untrained eye, the new variant looks almost identical to the previous 
| version of the worm, Conficker B. But the B++ variant uses new techniques to 
| download software, giving its creators more flexibility in what they can do 
| with infected machines.      



Virus strikes 15 million PCs

,----[ Quote ]
| A virulent computer virus has infected as many as 15 million computers around
| the world so far, according to various estimates.
| The virus -- a self-replicating computer worm known as Downadup, Conficker or
| Kido -- spreads across computer networks using Microsoft Windows software
| which have not been patched or updated properly. Microsoft issued a patch
| that fixes the vulnerability the virus exploits last October.


Windows worm: Security experts waiting for activation of 'botnet'

,----[ Quote ]
| Computer experts are preparing to respond to further virus outbreaks and
| security threats posed by the Windows worm, known as Conficker, Kido and
| Downadup, which has infected more than 15 million PCs worldwide.


Microsoft May Accelerate Buybacks

,----[ Quote ]
| Given the recent weakness in Microsoft's stock, we have
| assumed the company will likely accelerate its pace of
| buyback from the September quarter of $6.6 billion to
| roughly $8 billion for the next several quarters, resulting
| in a net reduction in fully diluted shares outstanding of
| 300 million per quarter.

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