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[News] [Rival] Microsoft's Visas Scam Under Fire Again

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Microsoft, Intel Firings Stir Resentment Over Visas

,----[ Quote ]
| As many as 5,000 employees are being shown the door at Microsoft, which uses 
| more H1-B guest-worker visas than any other U.S. company. Some employees and 
| politicians say Microsoft should get rid of foreigners first  


It's because of Gates senior, Gates junior, and their corruptions with
Abramoff, who is in prison now.

Welcome to the Gates mafia.


High Rate of H-1B Visa Fraud

,----[ Quote ]
| A report released Oct. 8 by the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services
| (USCIS) reveals that 13% of petitions filed for H-1B visas on behalf of
| employers are fraudulent. Another 8% contain some sort of technical
| violations.
| [...]
| Technology companies, in particular, have come to rely on the H-1B visa
| program to bring in skilled foreign workers to fill jobs that employers claim
| can't be filled with U.S.
| [...]
| Microsoft Chairman and co-founder Bill Gates has twice testified in front of
| Congress on the issue.



Microsoft sings 'O Canada' amid immigration challenges

,----[ Quote
| The new software development center will open somewhere in the
| Vancouver, British Columbia, area and will be "home to software
| developers from around the world," Microsoft said in a statement
| on Thursday.
| "The Vancouver area is a global gateway with a diverse population,
| is close to Microsoft's corporate offices in Redmond, and allows
| the company to recruit and retain highly skilled people affected
| by immigration issues in the U.S.," Microsoft said.


Microsoft laments demise of immigration bill

,----[ Quote ]
| The major immigration reform bill that was heavily lobbied by Microsoft and
| other technology companies was dealt its death blow in the Senate today and
| appears to be done for the next two years at least.  


Study: There Is No Shortage of U.S. Engineers

,----[ Quote ]
| ...a new study from Duke University calls this argument bunk, stating
| that there is no shortage of engineers in the United States, and
| that offshoring is all about cost savings.


Is There a Shortage of U.S. Tech Workers?

,----[ Quote ]
| Speaking before a Senate committee earlier this month, Gates said
| that America is facing a critical shortage of tech workers. He
| recommended boosting the number of H-1B visas to allow more foreign
| tech workers into the U.S.
| [...]
| "I think that has created an environment where the population of advanced
| skill workers has shrunk a lot in the U.S., because we just haven't created
| a fair system," he says. "Where if you go to other countries, you'll find
| national policy around broadband deployment, which creates a much more even
| playing field for people of all income levels to learn by and work by."
| "We did it to ourselves," he says.


Visas for High-Tech Workers Draw Query

,----[ Quote ]
| Two senators are questioning several companies about their use
| of a visa program for highly skilled workers.
| [...]
| The high-tech industry has long complained that too few visas are
| available. Microsoft Corp. is among a group of companies that has
| pushed for increasing the available visas.


Gates calls for 'infinite' H-1Bs, better schools

,----[ Quote ]
| Politicians indicated they're also willing to take cues from Gates
| as they craft new laws in the immigration area. In his testimony,
| Gates said there's only one way to solve what he deemed a
| "crisis"-level shortage of qualified scientific talent: "Open our
| doors to highly talented scientists and engineers who want to live,
| work and pay taxes here."


Bill Gates to address Senate panel

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates is scheduled to descend on Capitol Hill
| next week to pepper a U.S. Senate committee with his suggestions for
| boosting American competitiveness.


Politics and tech companies: follow the money

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft took first place with $651,100 given out, while
| Hewlett-Packard gave only $185,550, and Gateway gave a paltry
| $2,000. Microsoft's donations certainly illustrate well the true
| size of the company and the extent of its political concerns.
| [...]
| For instance, Microsoft's PAC spent $1.7 million in the 2006 election
| cycle, but only a third of this went to federal candidates. What
| happened to the rest? It went to local campaigns, paid out a few
| thousand dollars at a time to groups like "Boal for Iowa House" in
| Ankeny, IA. It also funded other PACs like the "Associated Republicans
| of Texas" and the "Blue Dog Political Action Committee." No race is
| apparently too small to be funded; even Indiana State Representative
| Terri Austin of Anderson, IN got $500.
| Lobbyists
| But the real money isn't even given to the candidates directly. It
| goes to lobbyists, which can be safer investments since they stand no
| chance of losing at the polls. The complete-year figures from 2005
| show that Microsoft spent $8.7 million on lobbyist expenses. Almost
| a million dollars of that money went to Covington & Burling, a
| lobbying firm that also represents the National Football League and
| the Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America. Microsoft's
| total spending on lobbying has risen substantially from the $4
| million it spent in 1998.
| [...]
| Where does it come from?
| Although some of this money comes from large employee donations,
| most of it does not. Take Microsoft, for instance; the Center for
| Responsive Politics says that the company received only $302,599
| from individual donors who gave more than $200 in this election
| cycle, only a small fraction of the $1.7 million actually spent.
| As is typical, much of this money came from the company's top
| brass, while the rest was made up of small contributions.
| The maximum individual contribution to a PAC is $5,000 a year.
| Melinda, whose occupation is listed in Federal Election Commission
| records as "homemaker," regularly contributes this amount, as does
| Bill. Steve Ballmer coughed up, too. Microsoft can use general
| company funds to support the PAC and its operations, but cannot
| give directly to candidates.

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