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[News] Ubuntu's Parent Company Has Exciting Things in Store Coming

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Canonical’s April 2009 Surprise: More Than Ubuntu 9.04

,----[ Quote ]
| When Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) arrives in April 2009, Canonical plans to 
| introduce a separate surprise as well — a new version of Landscape (image 
| courtesy of Canonical). Never heard of Landscape? That will change in April 
| 2009.   


Easy Steps to Rip a DVD to ISO in Ubuntu 8.10

,----[ Quote ]
| An ISO file is the easiest and most universal method for backing up a DVD. 
| The file is an archive file specifically for DVD VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS files, 
| and is an exact copy of the disc. ISO files can be quickly burned to a new 
| dvd using standard burning software, making it the optimal choice for storing 
| backups.    
| In Windows, third-party software is the only way to backup a DVD. Luckily, 
| Ubuntu Linux has removed this need, and as a result, you can backup your dvds 
| using a standard feature built into the OS --no software or Terminal 
| required.   



Launchpad's License Will Be AGPLv3

,----[ Quote ]
| Last week, I asked Karl Fogel, Canonical's newly hired Launchpad Ombudsman,
| if Launchpad will use the AGPLv3. His eyes said “yes” but his words were
| something like: Canonical hasn't announced the license choice yet. I was
| excited to learn this morning from him that Launchpad's license will be
| AGPLv3.


The Roadmap To An Open-Source Launchpad

,----[ Quote ]
| On July 22nd of 2008 we shared that the source-code to Launchpad.net would be
| released by Canonical within the next twelve months. Mark Shuttleworth had
| made this announcement during OSCON 2008.



Launchpad 2.0 Radically Improves Collaboration for Open Source Projects

,----[ Quote ]
| Canonical Inc. announced today a major new release of Launchpad, including
| features that make collaborative development faster and more flexible and
| allowing users to integrate their standalone project infrastructure with
| Launchpad.


Launchpad Source-Code Within 12 Months

,----[ Quote ]
| To this point though, Launchpad isn't available under a free software license
| aside from its Storm component. However, Mark Shuttleworth has stated this
| afternoon that within the next 12 months they expect to release the
| source-code to Launchpad.


Launchpad: Ubuntu backer seeks open-source collaboration

,----[ Quote ]
| Ubuntu Linux backer Canonical has launched a beta version of its Launchpad
| service, part of an effort to make open-source programming methods a better
| match for Microsoft. Launchpad was founded to run the Ubuntu project, but
| it's now open to other projects. Three such projects — Zope, SilvaCMS and
| Jokosher — are hosted there now.


[Launchpad to Possibly Pick AGPLv3]

,----[ Quote ]
| In the case of Launchpad, we do view you as a co-owner of the data, so
| the resolution of this problem is important to us. As you point out,
| there's no really clear best practice that works well and has been shown
| to be commercially sustainable. That's different to the GPL (even v3). I
| think the Affero GPL is a strong candidate for the front line of
| thinking on the subject, and that's what I am inclined to use when we
| publish Launchpad's source code.

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