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[News] US Government Pressured Some More to Adopt Free Software

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Dear Mr. President: Buy open source

,----[ Quote ]
| Last week, a group of open source execs sent an open letter to the president, 
| asking that he "make the use of open source software a key component of every 
| new technology initiative the United States government enters into."  
| [...]
| Software isn't a seat belt, but the stakes are equally high. The signers of 
| the letter to Obama had it right: Open source should be on the short list 
| when the government buys software. And modest government investments in 
| software security would have the secondary effect of putting IT workers back 
| on the job.     


Openness Questions Remain For Obama

,----[ Quote ]
| It remains unclear what technologies or standards President Barack Obama will 
| decide to harness to support his open government initiatives. Obama has on 
| numerous occasions pledged that he will make the government as transparent 
| and open as possible - even going as far as to give his administration 
| deadlines on when certain milestones will be reached and state that his 
| administration "will put government data online in universally accessible 
| formats." Many seem to agree that openness in general is a positive goal, but 
| how to best reach that objective gets foggy.       
| "Openness" is a general movement, not just related to open source and 
| standards. That said, openness intersects many areas and it doesn't take a 
| big leap to go from discussions about open government to procurement policies 
| for IT based on open standards," wrote IBM Vice President Bob Sutor in a blog 
| post last month. Microsoft CTO Susie Adams agrees there has been a lot of 
| talk about openness as a theme of the new administration and believes 
| Obama "wants to capture an assurance of openness as a way to set direction 
| and vision."       



Jordan trials open source healthcare systems

,----[ Quote ]
| Jordan is to begin a trial deployment of the VistA open source clinical and
| healthcare information system.


Note to Obama: Consider the Open Source Way

,----[ Quote ]
| The product will be much better in the end, and the development process will
| be much more pleasant for all of us. Moreover, we will get more favorable
| press coverage, better reviews, and more fans of our product if our story can
| focus on the product and its benefits rather than negative drama arising from
| its production.


Barack Obama proves the power of Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| It would be a bit of a stretch to claim that Barack Obama won the 2008
| election because his website ran open source software while John McCain's ran
| on proprietary software. But what is not a stretch at all is that Barack
| Obama's campaign built a powerful synergy between grass-roots politics and
| grass-roots technology, while presenting what many consider to be the most
| disciplined campaign of any candidate in modern history.


Alex Castellanos: Obama the Open Source president

,----[ Quote ]
| CNN analyst Alex Castellanos — one of the Republican pundits on a rather
| large team of political experts on hand on Election Day — made both a very
| interesting and poignant point about the incoming presidency and the
| possibility of its “open source” nature.


How Web 2.0 helped Obama win

,----[ Quote ]
| It became something of a running joke that McCain talked about the need
| for ‘net neutrality’ yet wasn’t someone who even used email himself. His lack
| of technology prowess was lampooned in the press, and at the tech-savvy
| Personal Democracy Forum conference in June, Mark Soohoo, McCain's deputy
| e-campaign director, drew laughter when he said, "You don't necessarily have
| to use a computer to understand how it shapes the country ... John McCain is
| aware of the Internet."


Will Obama be an open source president?

,----[ Quote ]
| Last night during CNN's election coverage, after it was clear that Obama
| would become the country's 44th president, pundit Alex Castellanos wondered
| aloud whether the government under Barack Obama would take on some of the
| grass roots flavor that marked the President-Elect's campaign.


Obama Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| People from the Obama campaign have said that they use Ubuntu 8.04. It seems
| to be used nationally.
| Does anyone know any more about the use of Ubuntu by the Obama campaign and
| can provide us with more details?



Obama Campaign Hopes for Better Web Security

,----[ Quote ]
| The requirements are pretty much what you'd read in any e-commerce security
| help-wanted ad: VPN (virtual private network) and Unix or Linux experience,
| along with a "deep understanding" of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and Perl)
| development. And of course, the successful candidate must be willing
| to "respond off-hours to high urgency security situations."


Obama Voices Support for ODF

,----[ Quote ]
| OpenDocument Format supporters are welcoming presidential hopeful Sen. Barack
| Obama's promise to put government data online in universally accessible
| formats should he be elected.ODF a National Standard in Korea

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