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[News] Articles Celebrate Wins by Free Software

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Business is booming for open source adopters

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| In fact, looking under the hood of the big players, you'll often find open 
| source. Today, many (or is that most?) of the big-ticket security and 
| networking appliances are underpinned by Linux or BSD Unix.  


Open Source Joins the Mainstream

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| “Open Source has joined the mainstream,” chairman Richard Seibt concluded 
| when wrapping up the Open Source Meets Business conference, held at the end 
| of January 2009 in Nuremberg, Germany. “We’re no longer referring to market 
| shares that have grown. Instead, we’re talking about large and small 
| enterprises working successfully with open source software,” said Seibt, who 
| is also chairman of the Open Source Business Foundation.     
| Current surveys confirm Richard Seibt’s positive assessment. In 40 percent of 
| all companies that use open source software, it is of mission-critical 
| importance. In a further 43 percent, open source software plays a significant 
| role in the corporate IT environment. This was revealed in a survey presented 
| by Heise Verlag in Nuremberg. Most of the around 1,300 survey participants 
| came from companies that used open source software.     



EU report on FLOSS: "FLOSS saves money"


European spend on open source software hits 22bn Euros

,----[ Quote ]
| Rishab Ghosh, a senior researcher at the UN University in Maastricht,
| will tell the Open Ireland conference in Dublin that the spend in the
| US on free/libre or open source software (FLOSS) stands at 36bn
| Euros and accounts for 20pc of software spend in the US.

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