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[News] Mozilla and Linux Takes Windows' Lunch in Phones

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Mozilla's mobile Fennec open to add-ons

,----[ Quote ]
| Mozilla has been working for years on creating a handset version of its 
| successful Firefox desktop browser. In April last year, however, it said it 
| was making a fresh effort at moving Firefox onto phones and other handheld 
| devices, naming the project 'Fennec'.   


Windows Mobile 6.5 Debuts But Is It Too Late?

,----[ Quote ]
| "I think that the Windows Mobile operating system will fade and they'll 
| [Microsoft] build a shell on top of Linux," Mathias predicted. Why? Because 
| of costs.  
| Profit margins on mobile phones are tight and anywhere a device maker can 
| save a dime, it will. Windows Mobile is expensive in comparison to Linux, so 
| he predicts that Linux will win out longer-term.   



Fennec Alpha 2 focuses on performance

,----[ Quote ]
| The latest Fennec alpha 2 release, which is likely to
| become Mobile Firefox in 2009, still runs only on Nokia's
| N810 Internet Tablets but there are Windows, OS X and Linux
| versions that emulate mobile experience on a desktop for
| testing purposes. The software delivers improved
| performance, faster startup as well as accelerated
| rendering and a streamlined user interface.


Mozilla Debuts Mobile Browser Alpha

,----[ Quote ]
| Mozilla late Thursday released the first public preview of its mobile
| browser, and took the unusual step of offering it in versions for desktop PCs
| and Macs to collect feedback.


Firefox for Mobile: What you need to know

,----[ Quote ]
| How would you like to be among the first to get touchy-feely with the next
| mobile browser everyone's talking about? Mozilla's release of the Firefox for
| Mobile alpha code, code-named Fennec, grants that wish to users of the Nokia
| N810 and N800 Internet tablet (installation details here).



Firefox for Mobile: first screenshots!

,----[ Quote ]
| The Awesome Bar, which lets you search for pages intuitively and directly, is
| prominent, though can clearly be tidied away for a more screen estate for the
| web page itself.


Mozilla plans mobile Firefox, plus 'public resource' usage data

,----[ Quote ]
| Mozilla's chief has set goals for the development of the open source project
| over the next two years, including the release of a mobile version of Firefox
| by 2010.


Mozilla's Mobile Firefox Targets Summer Release

,----[ Quote ]
| You are one of 8 million users who just downloaded Firefox 3.0. But are you
| ready for Firefox for mobile?
| Later this summer, Mozilla hopes to unveil an alpha release of a mobile
| version of the popular desktop Web browser. A beta release could be available
| by year-end.

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