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[News] Linux 'Market Share' is 46% -- Claim

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Linux 46% Market Share, Windows 43.5% Market Share

,----[ Quote ]
| After a study of operating system usage of thousands of people I have 
| discovered that Linux has a 46% market share. Linux now surpasses Windows 
| which is shown to have a 43.5% market share. Overall GNU/Linux distributions 
| have taken the lead from Microsoft based on this study. Honest.   
| [...]
| To finish up I will leave you with this. In my office GNU/Linux has an 80% 
| market share and FreeBSD has a 20% market share. That is all that really 
| counts for me. It is all that really counts for anyone that has found 
| GNU/Linux, learned its usefulness and uses it every day.   



How Many Linux Users Are There (Really)?

,----[ Quote ]
| As Jim Zemlin, the executive director of The Linux Foundation, points out, "I
| am not joking or trying to be trite, but the answer to this question is:
| every single person in the modern world every day. Everyone who searches
| Google, picks up a phone and uses telecommunication infrastructure, watches a
| new televisions, use a new camera, makes a call on many modern cell phones,
| trades a stock on a major exchange, watches a weather forecast generated on a
| supercomputer, logs into Facebook, navigates via air traffic control systems,
| buys a netbook computer, checks out at a cash register, withdraws cash at an
| ATM machine, fires up a quick-boot desktop (even those with Windows), or uses
| one of many medical devices; the list goes on and on."
| "It is hard to think of someone in the developed world who doesn't touch
| Linux every single day. The better question here is who isn't a Linux user,"
| Zemlin concluded.
| He's got a point there. If you buy something from Craigslist or keep up with
| friends on Facebook, you're using Linux. To be exact, you're using Big-IP
| 9.4.6, which is an embedded high-speed networking system that incorporates
| Linux. Do you watch videos on YouTube? Linux again. Google? Yes, they run
| Linux too.
| [...]
| The question that isn't often asked though is: "Can you trust Net
| Applications' numbers?" According to Roy S. Schestowitz, editor of Boycott
| Novell, the answer is: "No." According to a recent Boycott Novell
| blog, "Microsoft and Apple put money on Net Applications' table, so rather
| unsurprisingly, the results satisfy both companies. GNU/Linux, on the other
| hand, is not able to pay Net Applications for favourable bias."
| And, in addition, to other points Schestowitz writes, "Net Applications
| admits its statistics are flawed (skewed)" and "Net Applications keeps its
| methods secret and the dataset likewise."

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