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Re: [News] World of Goo goes bankrupt thanks to GNU/Linux

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____/ Andrew Halliwell on Thursday 19 February 2009 16:26 : \____

> Ezekiel <nowhere-there@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> World of Goo Publisher Files for Bankruptcy
> This is one thing you can't lay at linux's door. Or are you just crowing
> because a company willing to make a linux game has failed?
> (the game had a 90% piracy rate apparently, long before linux saw a version)
> Windows pirates pirated it to death. Suppose as it's available for OSX too,
> some mac pirates killed kicked the boot in too. But it was the windows bunch
> who did the damage.
> Of course, the financial downturn isn't helping anyone either.

The bankruptcy announcement PRECEDES the Linux announcement. IOW, they turned
to GNU/Linux after failing _with Windows_.

Don't believe the Microsoft Munchkins. Ever.

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