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[News] Legalised Bribery for Intellectual Monopolies Identifies

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Copyright Lobbyists Again Demand That The US Classify Canada As Being A Piracy

,----[ Quote ]
| Every year, the entertainment industry comes out with some ridiculous report 
| about how Canada is a hotbed of piracy, on par with places like China and 
| Russia. Every year the report asks the US Trade Representative to classify 
| Canada as being on the "Priority Watch List."   


Canadian TV Industry: Please, Regulators, Make The Internet More Like TV... And
Have ISPs Give Us Money

,----[ Quote ]
| Last week, we wrote about how the Writers Guild of Canada was pushing 
| government regulators to force ISPs to fund content creation, with a specific 
| focus on promoting Canadian content and trying to tone down or keep out 
| non-Canadian content from online sources.   



Canada's Private ACTA Talking Points

,----[ Quote ]
| While the Canadian government has dutifully followed the U.S. line on ACTA
| with bland releases following each of the four 2008 negotiation sessions,
| newly obtained documents under the Access to Information Act reveal that the
| Canadian delegation may be speaking out on some of the public concerns that
| have been raised around transparency and the exclusion of many countries from
| the negotiation process [download here].  The documents include several
| noteworthy revelations:
| First, the documents confirm that the leaked ACTA document from last year was
| indeed the ACTA Discussion Paper distributed among governments.  At the time,
| there was some question as to whether this was an industry wish-list or a
| government document.  The Canadian documents confirm that this was a
| government document, a suggested intervention notes that "we would like to
| raise the issue of communications.  As you all know by now, the ACTA
| Discussion Paper has been leaked . . . "

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