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[News] The Short Story of Samba and Linux

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Around the Web: Samba - The Interoperability Dance

,----[ Quote ]
| Samba very quickly became a valuable piece of merchandise to the Linux and 
| Unix companies, who have sponsored its development and employed the Samba 
| Team's key developers, although notably in the case of Allison, the 
| developers have quickly left their jobs rather than accept any compromise to 
| the integrity of the project. Like the developers of other key free and open 
| source projects, the Samba Team are mostly employed by third parties to do 
| what they would be doing anyway, working on Samba and programming for fun, 
| while getting paid for it. The attraction for the employing companies is that 
| they get an invaluable piece of software for the price of one or two 
| developers and an ear to their requirements, but as Allison points out "free 
| software is not incompatible with commercial activity".          



Sabre Holdings: Red Hat Thrives in Place of Unix

,----[ Quote ]
| When Sabre actually benchmarked Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) running on
| Intel against Solaris on SPARC, it found quite a difference — to say the
| least. The Linux/Intel combination was three times faster than the Sun Unix
| solution, and when both licensing and hardware costs were taken into account
| it worked out about 90 percent cheaper, according to Wiseman.

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