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[News] ODF 1.2 Almost a Done Job

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ODF 1.2 Committee Draft 01

,----[ Quote ]
| It is not the end of the end, nor the end of the beginning, but more like the 
| beginning of the end for the development of ODF 1.2. The Committee Draft 01 
| of ODF 1.2, Part 1 was approved by the OASIS ODF TC yesterday in a 10-2-2 
| vote. You can download it here.   



National Word Processors?

,----[ Quote ]
| Other governments want to be able to switch to other products or actually do
| that. Most of them migrate to Staroffice or [OpenOffice.org] which support
| the ODF format and the old binary doc format out of the box. Government
| agencies understand that a creation of an international standard as ODF was
| crucial to reduce their switching costs, they understood that only strong
| economic pressure would force Microsoft into full ODF compliance. Some
| governments also understand that you have to invest into alternative products
| and migration studies to further reduce the dependencies and built up the
| market pressure for interoperability.
| I wonder if Russia will consider to develop its national word processor as
| well. A wise Russian will understand the danger to their national
| independence that a support for the Open XML format instead of ODF bears. If
| they have no opportunity but to chose Open XML it shows that their national
| independence is already compromised.

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