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[News] Charity Killer GNU/Linux Mobiles All About Avoiding Windows

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Barcelona: Canonical Discusses Ubuntu Mobile Internet Devices 

,----[ Quote ]
| During the GSMA Mobile World Conference in Barcelona this week, Canonical is 
| working behind the scenes — evangelizing Ubuntu-based Mobile Internet Devices 
| (MIDs) to new and existing customers. The big question: Will Canonical line 
| up more Ubuntu MID partners, or will MIDs (highly mobile WiFi devices) remain 
| overshadowed by the netbook craze?    


UPDATED: Intel still decisive on Moorestown and WiMAX

,----[ Quote ]
| In addition, LG's Moblin 2.0 Linux-based Moorestown MID announcement, which 
| does not currently support WiMAX and is limited to 3G connectivity, has 
| sparked great interest in Moorestown as a viable device.  


Intel, Nvidia Make Moves in the MID Market

,----[ Quote ]
| Intel also has a software challenge. Where a huge array of programs were 
| written for x86 chips in PCs, most of the popular programs in smartphones–
| which do about the same things MIDs are expected to do–were designed for ARM. 
| The list includes Apple’s iPhone software and Google’s Android, which is 
| based on the Linux operating system. So Intel has led the development of a 
| Linux variant for MIDs, dubbed Moblin; LG is also announcing it will support 
| the software in its MID based on Moorestown.      


FULL TEXT - Comes vs Microsoft px06600, px06601, px06604

    From: Mike Porter (Exchange)
    Sent: Thursday, July 08, 1999 1:35 PM
    To: Stephanie Boesch (Exchange); Bill Henningsgaard
    Co: Keith Eide; Ramesh Parameswaran (Exchange)
    Subject:RE: Intel/S Microsoft Marketing
    OK by me!

    –original message—
    From: Stephanie Boesch
    Sent: Thursday, July 08, 1999 1:34 PM
    To: Mike Porter (Exchange); Bill Henningsgaard
    Co: Keith Eide; Ramesh Parameswaran (Exchange)

    Subject:RE: Intel/Microsoft Marketing If we feel a more detailed response
needs to be given, then Ramesh should do this as he’s driving this moving
forward. I would prefer to send an exec update after our 7/15 meeting.

    —original message—
    From: Mike Porter (Exchange)
    Sent: Thursday, July 08, 1999 1:35 PM
    To: Stephanie Boesch (Exchange); Bill Henningsgaard
    Co: Keith Eide;
    Subject:RE: Intel/Microsoft Marketing

    FYI.., Bob Herrboldt asked me to send this to BillG. Please feel free to
chime in if you have data the differs. I may owm the overall Intel
relationship, but I can’t possible track everything… Bill knows that.That’s
why I’d set the pointer to Stephanie in the update.

    —original message—
    From: Stephanie Boesch
    Sent: Thursday, July 08, 1999 1:34 PM
    To: Bill Henningsgaard
    Co: Keith Eide; Mike Porter (Exchange);
    Subject:RE: Intel/Microsoft Marketing


    From: Carl Stork (Exchange)
    Sent: Monday, July 12, 1999 7:21 AM
    To: Mike Porter (Exchange)
    subject: RE: Intel/Microsoft; Marketing

    isn’t intel already using linux for EDA?

    From: Dave Derry
    Sent: Friday, July 09, 1999 11:09 AM
    To: Stephanie Boesch (Exchange); Bill Henningsgaard; Keith Eide
    cc: Matt Pease; Bill Wood; S. Somasegar (Exchange); Ramesh Parameswaran
    Gregory Jensenworth (Exchange); Michael Murphy (Premier); MikePorter
    Subject: RE: URGENT FW: Intel/S Microsoft; Marketting

    Just to close the loop, do we not need to respond to the real from Steve?

    —Original Message—
    From: Stephanie Boesch (Exchange)
    Sent: Wednesday, July 07, 1999 3:30 PM
    To: Bill Henningsgaard; Dave Derry; Keit Eide
    cc: Matt Pease; Bill Wood; S. Somasegar (Exchange);Ramesh parameswaran
    Jensenworth (Exchange); Michael Murphy (Premier); MikePorter (Exchange)
    Subject: RE: URGENT FW: Intel/Microsoft; Marketting

    unfortunate that MikePo was left off this thread …… he has already reported
back to SteveB on the project status from the development team’s perspective.
I suggest we not followup with additional email from the field.

    I agree tittle progress has been made over the last three weeks. This has
primarily been due to Intel’s change in command. Intel is creating a new team
of engineers including new management to drive this project moving forward. In
addition, we have made similar changes by adding dedicated PM resources to the
effort and moving the management to RameshP. We are slowing coming out of the
investigation phase and now looking at solutions. This has caused a delay in
getting the ball rolling from both sides.

    We have commitment to make this effort work, but the question will be on
what project. And in what time frame. We don’t have enough Information yet to
make these estimates.

    We also need to realize that all efforts are now on Windows 2000 which will
probably surface “new” issues as well.

    —Original Message—
    From: Bill Henningsgaard;
    Sent: Wednesday, July 07, 1999 12:31 PM
    To: Stephanie Boesch (Exchange); Dave Derry; Keit Eide
    CC: Matt Pease; Bill Wood; S. Somasegar (Exchange);Ramesh parameswaran
    Jensenworth (Exchange); Michael Murphy (Premier); MikePorter (Exchange)
    Subject: RE: URGENT FW: Intel/Microsoft; Marketing

    let’s be very honest about our current status on this. my read is that
Intel is committing to providing everything we need to deliver their
requirements, whether we are on a track to do this is much more questionable.

    their requirements are very demanding - a robust and stable computing
platform that will run their chip design and test scenarios AND support an
interoperable environment to allow them to coexist their current UNIX-based
environment with a future NT-based environment during an extended migration,
in their minds this means that NT needs to support most/all of the
functionality that UNIX supports today, including running their test scripts,
etc. based on their current understanding after 3 years of trying to do this,
NT cannot deliver on these requirements and we have no plans in place that
will change this Linux delivers this with little effort to even so, an
executive view, Intel is very committed to helping us t make NT the platform
they need.

    our current status is that we’ve committed development resources to this
effort and are trying to understand in detail what their environment looks
like. i question whether we’ve made significant progress in the last 3 weeks.
I refer to gum’s phone call about his perception of lack of progress which I

    there is a phone call today (it’s the 8th here) that will summarize
progress and identify issues - that will either confirm or refute whether
we’ve really moved the ball forward.

    in summary, the ball is completely in our court. we’ve got excellent
support from intel in allowing us to try to make N’F the platform they need,
but honestly I think their management team believes we are NOT on track to do
this. if we don’t make very tangible progress that changes this perception AND
if we don’t deliver a timeline that allows them start using NT per the
requirements above in a reasonably short (6 month) timeframe, I think they
will force us to admit we can’t deliver and they will move to linux.

    keith - i can’t be on the call on the 8th, so i need you to forcefully and
honestly communicate whether we’ve made tangible progress, we need to escalate
to steve if we’re not on a track to win after that call.

    —0riginal Message—
    From: Stephanie Boesch (Exchange)
    Sent: Wednesday, July 07, 1999 11:58 AM
    To: Dave Derry; Keit Eide; Bill Henningsgaard;
    cc: Matt Pease; Bill Wood; S. Somasegar (Exchange);Ramesh parameswaran
    Jensenworth (Exchange); Michael Murphy (Premier);
    Subject: RE: URGENT FW: Intel/Microsoft; Marketting

    Keith, I’m on the read today heading to Dallas. I’ll send you our feedback
this evening for you to incorporate.

    —0riginal Message—
    From: Dave Derry
    Sent: Wednesday, July 07, 1999 11:58 AM
    To: Keit Eide; Bill Henningsgaard;Stephanie Boesch
    cc: Matt Pease; Bill Wood; S. Somasegar (Exchange);Ramesh parameswaran
    Jensenworth (Exchange); Michael Murphy (Premier);
    Subject: RE: URGENT FW: Intel/Microsoft; Marketting

    We met with Albert Yu, VP Microprocessor group, on June 17th, he too
reiterated Intel’s commitment to move their EDA/applications/tools to windows
2000 we have SWAT team including developers working closely with Intel with
this migration. I don’t believe linux is a further threat going forward going
though, they did thru necessity move a tool to linux.

    Stephanie can you add further updates as to progress we have made and your
take on Linux making further inroads.

    —0riginal Message—
    From: Dave Derry
    Sent: Wednesday, July 07, 1999 11:27 AM
    To: Keit Eide; Bill Henningsgaard;Stephanie Boesch;Matt Pease;
    Subject: RE: URGENT FW: Intel/Microsoft; Marketting

    Keith - with BillWo out of town and BillHE in Australia, can you provide
SteveB an update on this? I am happy to review prior to you sending.


    —0riginal Message—
    From: Steve Ballmer
    sent: Wednesday, July 07, 1999 1O:48 AM
    To: Bill Gates; Bob Herbold; Shannon Perdue
    Cc: Mike porter(Exchange);Marshall Brumer(Exchange);Charles Stevens;Dave
    Subject:Subject: RE: URGENT FW: Intel/Microsoft; Marketting

    Charles stevens and dave derry please advise.

    —-Original Message–
    From: Bill Gates
    Sant: Tuesday, July 06, 1999 10:33 AM
    To: Steve Ballmer, Bob Herbold; Shannon Perdue
    Co: Mike Porter (Exchange); Marshall Brumer (Exchange)
    Subject: RE: Intel/Microsoft Marketing
    At the workstation leadership forum they reiterated their commitment to
move all their stuff to Windows 2000.

    I asked our people many times if there is any backsliding on their not
using Linux for this.

    If this has changed I wasn’t informed. I knew I would get a chance to talk
to Barrett and the question I asked was whether I needed to bring this up or

    If we are not in good shape on this I need to know.

    —-Original Message–
    From: Steve Ballmer
    Sent: Tuesday, July 06, 1999 9:48 AM
    To: Bob Herbold; Shannon Perdue
    Cc: Mike Poder (Exchange); Marshall Brumer (Exchange); Bill Gates
    Subject: RE: Intel/Microsoft Marketing

    We cannot let intel do chip design on Linux ever what do we need to do to
change the decision who do we need to call we will put whatever w skin to the
game they need.

    —Original Message—
    From: Bob Herbold
    Sent: Monday, July 05, 1999 8:58 AM
    To: Shannon Perdue
    Cc: Mike Porter (Exchange); Marshall Brumer (Exchange); Bill Gates; Steve
    Subject:Intel/Microsoft Marketing

    We had the marketing coordination conference call last week, and Jami Dover
and her people feel very good about the relationship with the Microsoft
marketing folks at this point In time. She and Dennis Carter( who is working 2
days a week at this time, phasing into retirement) can’t remember when things
have been so active and so clearcut with Microsoft. Jami’s assessment with
things was very similar to yours, Shannon. By the way, she was very high on
the Office 2000 event. Naturally, they were also very pleased with the
Workstation Leadership Forum featuring billg and craig, which generated a lot
of positive pr. They didnt have any issues to bring up.

    Mike, we didn’t get into a lot of the specifics of the hardware issues, but
she did say that the Win64/IA-64 work seems to be moving along fine. i did
stress that we need early, stable hardware asap. She did cite that they were
pleased that we have finally reached a NDA that allows us to work security
issues together; a big step forward.

    —Original Message—
    From: shannon perdue
    Sent: Tuesday, June 29, 1999 6:58 PM
    To: Bob Herbold
    Cc: Mike Porter (Exchange): Marhall Brumer (Exchange)

    Subject: RE: Intel

    On the OS marketing front things are straightforward & busy.

    What’s going well
    Windows 2000 Launch & Partner Participation
    Intel wants to play a key role in the Windows 2000 launch. We agree on this
point and are in the planning process to define what this means.

    OS Strategy & Product Information
    We continue to share information regularly via bi-weekly conference calls.
Includes strategy and specifics such as product milestones and delivery dates;
key product features and directions. We have mutually acceptable joint
messaging for upcoming technologies such as Geyserville (Intel’s next
generation mobile tech; basic but important that our OEMs understand our
collaboration) for both MS and Intel field forces.Other items coming up
Include performance testing & subsequent massaging.we’ve also had in success
in putting out PR fires and obtaining positive press coverage around the
Pentium Ill and MS OS/apps.

    Intel is sponsoring a Pentium III evaluation program in conjunction with
the Windows 2000 RDPconference coming up July 6-8. Intel will participate in
the conference to kick off.this program and participate as a sponsor.

    Please let me know if you have any questions
    Shannon Perdue
    Product Manager, Windows 2000 Client Marketing
    Business Enterprise Division
    Microsoft Corporation
    425.936 9934

    —Original Message—
    From: Mike Porter(Exchange)
    Sent: Tuesday, June 29, 1999 12:25 PM
    To: Bob Herbold;shannon perdue; Marhall Brumer (Exchange)
    Subject:RE: Intel


    I am the owner of the Intel relationship, in conjunction with Marshall, who
ts on sabbatical. I have putted this broad overview together rather quickly.
It would be worth our time to ask about the “New Business Group” at Intel (on
the org chart I’ve included) and see what their plans are there. In general,
the consumer space is going well, but there are a few road bumps in Miner’s
Server org. Intel’s predilection for Linux and their NGIO efforts (which are
failing) have been a long, slow burning set of frustrations for us. We do
however seem to be making positive progress on all fronts of the relationship,
If there are any specifics or drill down you’d Like, please Let me know.

    Mike Porter

    Processor/platform/MS operating system/tools releases
    IA-64/Win64 The Win64 effort has made some pretty fantastic progress.
Particularly since this was all done while trying to ship Win2K, It’s an
impressive effort. Steve Ballmer did the first public 64bitdemo as part of his
WinHFC ’99 keynote. The messages for Win64 are simple and clear:

    Support Alpha & Merced
    Single source code for 64-bit and 32-bit version of Windows 2000
    Huge virtual memory support
    This is REAL
    It should be noted that the Merced demo was done on a simulator, and we
worked hard to ensure that a
    software emulated version of Merced looked decent next to Alpha systems.
Were come a Long way.
    Below shows Win64 achievements for the past 16 months. We have done this
with very Limited
    resources and during with Win2K, IE5, and other key deliverables.
    10/97, started the project, designed, prototyped, talked to customers
    12/97, Microsoft Internal presentation
    01198, Design Preview with 170. external developers. Re|eased the first
Win64 “SDK”.
    03/98, Kernel boot
    04/98, WinHEC, Released the first Win64 “SDK” and second Win64 “SDK”
    08/98, HT Beta 2 release. Delivered COM/OLE,MFC, NOTEPAD.EXE,
    10/98, Delivered networking, sandbox, Limited WOW64
    11/98, SQL64 is Limping along
    4/7/99, First Win64 public demo, WinHEC99
    Only feedback from Intel to you that I anticipate here is that our
schedules are currently mis-aligned by 2-3 months (Intel being earlier with
their ship dates than our OS dates). We believe that Intel will hit some
delays and are being overly optimistic about what they can achieve by when.
We, believe and have repeatedly stated that we can deliver the OS 12 months
after receiving a Large volume of systems sufficient to self-host our Win64
focused developers on. At present, Intel would Like us to make that 9 months,
while the NT group ha m s been very dear that we need 12.

    Key message, to Intel: get us early, state hardware ASAP.
    Consumer Space (Appliance Devices/Internet PC/Other alternatives) Intel
sees Microsoft doing (or at least talking) more in this space on Low-end, “non
PC” devices. Intel is very interested in making sure that we keep the PC #1 on
the net. They are concerned about where we are heading in the low-end space,
and fear that WinCE and non-X86 processors might play a larger role here for
Microsoft than they’d like. Intel now considers it Important to be seen as a
Leader in the “appliance” space as they see a threat if they aren’t dear
Leaders in this space. They believe Strong ARM has a rote to play in very
Low-end “fixed-function” devices, but not in any space that could threaten the
PC. Intel sees three areas that need to be addressed to create
x86-based “appliances’:

    Develop appropriate OS feature subsets and UI (that don’t: undermine the
main PC role) Eliminate “clunkiness” [David Cote’s “It Just Works” message]
(Boot Time, “Known Good” boot images, etc)

    Lower OS Royalties
    The lower OS royalties is a message I’d expect Andy to drive hard as it’s
the one area he doesn’t feel he’s made any progress on with Microsoft. We both
seem to agree that there are different potential devices in this space: an
Internet terminal, a gaming console with web connectivity, a DVD, DVCR console
with web access, etc). We seem to disagree on the relative priority of these
devices. We sees the “game system” (PlayStation 2) as a threat growing upward
Into the PC space. Inter is presently focused on “Portal PCs” mainly because
that’s what they think OF.Ms want. You sent: a great piece of email about the
Playstation threat and the need for killer graphics. This meeting would be a
great opportunity to make that case to Intel, as they don’t Bet it yet.

    Intel is looking for ways to engage Microsoft in these devices. David Cole
and Pat Gelsinger have been working together, and we have set up a “Concept
Platform Project” announced at WinHEC by Ballmer and Gelsinger (GeorgeM is
leading this under DavidCol). Our first “kick-off’ meeting tomorrow, we will
cover fast-boot enhancements and legacy hardware reduction In the short term
of the we plan to do together, with more to be investigated in this meeting.
We have given Intel the Feedback that there are several areas here that Intel
is deficient in to competing in this space:

    Integrated CPU/Graphics/Chipset solution (Timna) is a very poor solution
for the graphics component.
    Enabling high-value digital content won’t be possible without solving
content protection issues
    (See Security section below)
    Intel’s primary feedback to us has been:
    We don’t have a “low-cost” OS solution
    Fear of cannibalizing PC sales
    Investigating ways to Improve 3D performance into their low-end CPUs
    Intel decision to deploy Linux for EDA (chip design )
    Intel plans to deploy Linux to run their internal EDA (chip design)
applications, due largely to NT stability issues. Andy, Craig, and Albert have
all committed to maintain their long-term strategy on NT, and work closely
with us on messaging for Workstation Leadership Forum. Intel has been trying
to move it’s internal chip design applications from AIX to NT for -3 years.
There are two key apps; desktop (interactive design toots) and server (C-Sym,
a batch processing app). The server application has been ported, but Intel
cannot get close to the 99% availability target required for production use -
they claim -96%. They have frequent system hangs and “blue screens’. We
offered support thru local MCS, but Intel (Albert Yu) rejected our bid. They
wanted more MS skin in the game. Albert and Louis Burns (VP IS) share the
decision. Because of project deadlines, and their desire to design on
Intelbased systems, Intel did a quick port of C-Sym to Linux. The Linux
version ls ’more robust than the AIX version’. Stephanie Boesh has put
together a SWAT team and she has been working to pull multiple group together
within Microsoft to improve this relationship and get the project back on
track. Last week, we re-secrued Albert Yu’s committment to make this work.


    In general, networking has become something Intel is quite serious about.
Apparently they’ve made over 15 investments in this space last year, and are
approaching $1.5 billion in sales here. The primary concerns that Intel is
expressing in the networking space are

    Networking business is strategically important to Intel
    Intel has a perception that Microsoft is favoring one IHV (3com)
    Desire to grow NCG-MS strategic relationship

    Jim Allchin heard a part of this message, quite by surprise, during a
security update conference call several weeks ago. Since then, Jawad and his
team have engaged Intel heavily, and we’ve had several meetings. We are
investigating ways to work together. Intel has particularly been Interested in
Microsoft’s participation in Open Networking, and we are Investigating that

    While we have both invested a ton of energy here, and have made some very
real progress. We have finally reached agreement on an NDA that allows
Microsoft and Intel to work together in the security space. There have been
numerous technical meeting and we are Investigating to bottom out on a digital
content security architecture that could be assisted in hardware for very
advanced levels of security.

    Most Recent Org Chart for Key iris Executive contact at Intel

    These people are all members of Inters executive staff.
    (ESM) Executive Office = Andy Grove, Craig Barrett, Gordon Moore
    Intels Architecture Business Group = Paul Otellini
    Pat Getsinger - Desktop Products Group
    John Miner - Enterprise Server Group
    Bob Jecman - Mobile and Handheld Products Group
    Home Products Group - Claude Leglise
    Reseller Products Group - Jim Yasso
    Platform Launch Operation - Jana Greer (Acting)
    New Business Group - Gerry Parker
    Craig Kinnie - Intel Architecture Labs
    Ron Whittier - Content Group
    Mike Aymar - Internet Services
    Computer Enhancement Group - Ron Smith
    Microprocessor Products Group - Albert Yu
    Network Communications Group - Mark Christensen
    Sales and Marketing - Jami Dover (Marketing) Sean Maloney (Sates)
    Strategic Marketing - Dennis Carter
    Information Technology - Louis Burns
    Corporate Business Development - Steve Nachtsheim/Les Vadasz
    Legal - Tom Dunlap

    —Original Message—
    From: Shannon perdue
    Sent: Tuesday, June 29, 1999 12:04 PM
    To: Bob Herbold; Marhall Brumer (Exchange);Mike Porter(Exchange)
    Subject:RE: Intel

    Yes although Marshall is OOF on sabbatical Mike - can you please provide
high-level tech overview? Jami is the Intel Marketing VP.I’ll send an overview
later this afternoon.

    —Original Message—
    From: Bob Herbold;
    Sent: Tuesday, June 29, 1999 11:42 PM
    To: Shannon perdue;Marhall Brumer (Exchange);
    Subject:RE: Intel

    I assume that you two are still Intel brian trust.If not let me know.I am
going to have a call with jami Dover from Intel tomorrow, and would be
interested in what is going well, and what isn’t.I don’t need anything
fancy;just sketch what you see going on.

    MS-CC-MDL 000000440834
Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (GNU/Linux)


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