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[News] Free Software Phones Gain Momentum Despite Broken Economy

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Slowdown accelerates Linux growth in mobiles

,----[ Quote ]
| With deteriorating global economic conditions making their impact felt in the 
| wireless industry, handset OEMs and mobile network operators are looking 
| towards Linux-based operating systems to cut costs and diversify handset 
| portfolios.   
| While Linux-based operating systems making their presence felt in the mobile 
| handset market for years, growth has been slow and steady until recently. 
| However, recent announcements from Motorola, Vodafone, HTC, and Huawei, among 
| others, all stating that Linux-based operating systems will figure in their 
| upcoming handset releases, clearly demonstrate that OEMs and operators are  
| ready to embrace Linux on a larger scale.    


Open-source firms battle for market

,----[ Quote ]
| The big news from the GSMA Mobile World Congress this year: New phones using 
| the Android, LiMo and Symbian open-source operating systems are rolling out 
| in 2009.  
| What's unusual is that it is not the handsets themselves that are creating 
| the buzz so much as what is under the hood and invisible to the user, the 
| basic software. Lines are being drawn in the battle for dominance among the 
| three main systems.   



Open-Source Mobile Telephony Goes Legit

,----[ Quote ]
| While big business may be crowning open source as the king of server-based
| computing, most enterprise movers and shakers vehemently deny any such moves
| in telephony. Yet, open source in telecom is long past its debut and is, in
| fact, already in play in much of the Fortune 500. So why is open source a
| legitimate option in enterprise computing but bastardized so much in
| telephony?


MIT students demonstrate their Android applications

,----[ Quote ]
| This just in; kids that go to MIT are really F-ing smart. I just saw seven
| Android applications that have been developed over the short span of four
| months — with very little (if any) money — as part of a class
| called “Building Mobile Applications with Android”. It was a lot like most
| college presentations, except that HTC, Google, Verizon, Sprint, and the
| press don’t usually show up.
| Hit the jump for a peek at the applications.


T-Mobile and Google cozy up with Android

,----[ Quote ]
| As for other carriers in the United States, Sprint joined the Open Handset
| Alliance from the outset and is a founding member. Verizon's CEO has been
| quoted as saying, "We're planning on using Android." Meanwhile, AT&T's CEO
| is "encouraged by the idea that an Android phone could host AT&T branded
| apps." That said, Verizon and AT&T have yet to make anything official,
| although nothing is stopping them from releasing Android-powered handsets in
| the future.      

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