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[News] Next Ubuntu and New Debian Leave a Good Impression on Reviewers

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First Look: Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope 

,----[ Quote ]
| As long as the issues with the graphics drivers are ironed out, I believe 
| Jaunty Jackalope will become another must-have upgrade and if you are smart 
| and install using EXT4, you will see some very real performance increases for 
| very little effort.   


Looking at Lenny: hands on with Debian 5.0

,----[ Quote ]
| The Debian development community has officially released version 5.0 of the
venerable open source Linux distribution. The new version, which is codenamed
Lenny, includes updated software, security enhancements, and improved hardware
| Debian is known for its broad architecture support, lengthy development
cycles, and strong ideological commitment to software freedom. Debian provides
the foundation for many popular derivatives, including Ubuntu and Knoppix. The
Debian project has attracted an enormous community of free software
enthusiasts and has become one of the largest community-driven distributions
in existence. Despite its declining relevance on the desktop, it is an
essential part of the Linux software ecosystem and continues to serve an
important function for its downstream partners.
| [...]
| All things considered, this is a pretty good Debian release. It seems to live
up to the distro's long-standing tradition of delivering solid reliability,
and it introduces some nice improvements that will be appreciated by Debian



Debian 5's Five Best Features

,----[ Quote ]
| Despite delays and internal arguments, Debian 5, Lenny, has finally arrived,
| and it's a darn nice Linux distribution.
| You don't have to take my word for it. Consider what Warren Woodford, the
| well-regarded Linux developer, who uses Debian for the foundation of his
| SimplyMEPIS Linux distribution, has to say. Woodford, who switched MEPIS'
| cornerstone distribution from Ubuntu to Debian in 2007, said, "Behind the
| scenes, MEPIS is being used more and more in demanding environments, so I was
| happy the Debian teams decided to use the hardening features in gcc to
| increase the security of Debian in Lenny."


Debian GNU/Linux 5.0: Screenshots

,----[ Quote ]
| Debian GNU/Linux 5.0, codenamed "Lenny", was released over the weekend; in
| this gallery we take you through the install process and basic desktop
| functions.


Debian Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| I haven't tried plain Debian in years, though I've used derivatives, such as
| Knoppix and (K)Ubuntu recently.  I am pretty impressed.

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