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[News] Advocacy for GNU/Linux Might Get Boost, Detractors Slapped Down

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Operation Wired

,----[ Quote ]
| We are in the process of applying for a few large grants that will allow us 
| to operate autonomously and when that happens, you can bet that everything 
| you have given will be given back to Linux/FOSS in spades.  
| We've set up our "Operation Wired" donation point at our Helios Project site 
| and you can do what you feel is right there. There is no set dollar amount, 
| no "goal". We simply need to amass some funding so those P4 computers we give 
| to our kids are more than really bulky typewriters.   


Linux Haters Make a Few Valid Points

,----[ Quote ]
| When the Linux Hater's blog rails about meta community quirks and legitimate 
| software issues, it seems almost like a (perhaps obsessed) fellow traveler, 
| but when detractors criticize open source generally, as if it's some sort of 
| homogenous group, I take pause. That sort of talk makes me wonder if they're 
| even offering earnest tirades.    



Who does Microsoft hate the most?

,----[ Quote ]
| Wow! Now that really is a hard question to answer isn't it? If you listen to
| what 'Barmy' Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO and 43rd richest person on Earth,
| has to say then you might be forgiven for thinking it is Google (I'm going to
| f****** kill Google), or maybe Apple (I've got my kids brainwashed... you
| don't use an iPod) or even Linux (... a cancer that attaches itself in an
| intellectual property sense to everything it touches.)

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