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[News] R in the Microsoft-influenced New York Times

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SAS Warms to Open-Source One Letter at a Time

,----[ Quote ]
| “R is a leading language for developing new statistical methods,” Bob 
| Rodriguez, the senior director for statistical development at SAS, said in 
| the notice. “Our new Ph.D. developers learned R in their graduate programs 
| and are quite versed in it.”   
| The company looks to add more R support into its software as soon as next 
| year. 
| While limited for the moment, SAS’s support may be enough to open the company 
| up more to the R discussion and developers in the future.  



Science and KDE: rkward

,----[ Quote ]
| rkward is a nice frontend for the R programming language, which adds a GUI
| with the power of KDE to R. Unfortunately the program is still somewhat
| unstable (also shown by a warning when you run it) and its main developer has
| currently very little time to work on it. In case you may want to help, you
| can hop to the rkward-devel mailing list.


Data Analysts Captivated by R’s Power

,----[ Quote ]
| It is also free. R is an open-source program, and its popularity reflects a
| shift in the type of software used inside corporations. Open-source software
| is free for anyone to use and modify. I.B.M., Hewlett-Packard and Dell make
| billions of dollars a year selling servers that run the open-source Linux
| operating system, which competes with Windows from Microsoft. Most Web sites
| are displayed using an open-source application called Apache, and companies
| increasingly rely on the open-source MySQL database to store their critical
| information. Many people view the end results of all this technology via the
| Firefox Web browser, also open-source software.



R: A (Statistically) Significant Language

,----[ Quote ]
| When people talk about big, successful open-source projects, they often think
| about software that can be used in large organizations. So we hear a great
| deal about the Linux operating system, the MySQL database, and even Ruby on
| Rails as a framework for developing Web applications.

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