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[News] Beautiful Linux Phones Run on Nvidia, Java

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Nvidia demos Tegra running Android

,----[ Quote ]
| NVIDIA'S TEGRA HAS gone paranoid Android at MWC. The firm was earlier seen 
| showing off its Tegra system on chip (SoC), running Google's Android OS and 
| boasting about the firm's new Tegra 600 series platform which purportedly 
| enables a $99, always-connected HD mobile internet device (MID) that can go 
| days between battery charges.    


Video of HTC Magic:

Second 'Google phone' is unveiled

,----[ Quote ]
| A new phone based on Google's operating system Android has been unveiled by 
| Vodafone at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. 
| The touchscreen HTC Magic will feature a 3.2 Megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, and 
| GPS, but no slide-out keyboard. 
| The first "Google phone", called the G1, was launched in September by HTC and 
| is exclusive to T-mobile.  


Microsoft is falling so much behind that it's not even funny.


Compiz? Emerald? Metacity? What's the Difference?

,----[ Quote ]
| And now the last bit about themes. I said before that Compiz can use Kwin and
| Metacity's themes just fine thanks to kde-window-decorator and
| gtk-window-decorator. Some people are confused about what exactly comprises a
| Metacity theme versus a GTK theme, especially since they are installed in the
| same place. A GTK theme controls how buttons look, the colors of text, the
| window background, the scrollbars, and the menubar styles. The Metacity theme
| just controls the window border's style. For KDE, the Qt theme does the
| buttons, scrollbars, etc., and Kwin has its own themes for window borders, I
| think.

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